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Love Island Viewers Are Concerned Ekin-Su Is 'Being Bullied'

Love Island Viewers Are Concerned Ekin-Su Is 'Being Bullied'

Fans of Love Island aren't happy about how Ekin-Su is being treated in tonight's episode.

Love Island is bringing viewers some seriously explosive drama tonight, and now viewers are concerned about the treatment of Ekin-Su. 

This comes after the other islanders showed the bombshell, 27, little sympathy now that her current partner, Jay, has decided he wants to get to know Paige. Watch below:

The comments were made after explosive scenes in tonight's episode that saw Ekin-Su come head to head with Jay, who she accused of leading her on now he wants to get to know Paige.

It all began when the Scotsman told her that he felt like they had moved too fast when getting to know each other.

"I don't understand," Ekin-Su said in the beach hut.

It then became apparent that she was a lot more upset than she initially let on when she pulled Jay for a chat.

She then accused him of being 'muggy' and playing a game by getting to know her first to ensure his survival in the villa prior to his first recoupling.

"Davide could have gone home, but I picked you," she said.

Jacques then told Ekin-Su that her partner found out what she is after two days and described her as a 'f**king headache.'

Reacting to the footage, one fan wrote: "Something needs to be done about the way they're literally bullying Ekin Su in the villa [sic]."

A second agreed, writing: "Lol why is Jacques getting into ekin su though [sic]."

"He finds every little moments to take shots at her," responded a third viewer. "Same with Luca."

A fourth remarked: "Jacques is in the wrong here, he needs to shut it, it weren’t his place to say that. I really hope some of the islanders console Ekin in today’s episode man. I hate how their treating her. I don’t like how their beginning to gang up on her [sic]."

"The way some of the islanders have been treating ekin su is so disrespectful. Jacques can sit down [sic]," added a sixth viewer.

Some fans have praised Ekin-Su for carrying the season.
ITV / Love Island

However, not everyone agreed that Ekin-Su was being bullied.

One wrote: "no one's bullying her, she's a bully. jacques is calling her out b/c she's really got no right to be screaming at jay. he hasn't led her on she's pushed herself on him [sic]."

This comment comes in light of the fact that Ekin-Su now famously snuck around on the terrace with Jay while she was still coupled up with Davide, which also resulted in explosive scenes.

Another viewer said this was why she isn't being bullied.

"Anyone forgetting when she was coupled up with Davide she wanted to get to know Jaques," wrote one viewer. "Then when Jay came in she was lying about being on the terrace with him. Now Charlie has arrived and she's trying to hit on him. Sorry not sorry am not a fan of Ekin-Su at all [sic]."

What do you think of the islanders' behaviour?

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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