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Love Island's Billy Shares Surprising Time Islanders Are Dumped From The Villa

Love Island's Billy Shares Surprising Time Islanders Are Dumped From The Villa

The islander had quite a long final night in the villa.

Love Island star Billy Brown has revealed an unusual detail about the ITV reality series' film schedule, and we're not sure how these islanders aren't jet-lagged!

Fans will remember that the ex-contestant was rather dramatically dumped from the villa during the islanders' VIP club night with Joel Corry, after quite an explosive fallout with his partner Danica Taylor.

And before that, he caused quite a stir among the islanders when he briefly split up Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page, and made Luca Bish sweat while flirting with Gemma Owen.

Billy caused his fair share of drama in the villa..

Since being kicked out of the villa, Billy has been quite open with fans about his experience on the show, who he got on best with, and which bombshell he hooked up with before the series started.

After managing to rack up an impressive 100,000 Instagram followers since the series finale aired, Billy decided to celebrate with a Q&A session with his followers.

During the Q&A, one fan asked Billy: "What time did you guys have to go to bed in the villa?" – a mystery that viewers of the series have long tried to wrap their heads around.

Taking to his Instagram Story, Billy said in a video: "This is the crazy thing because you actually don't know the time in the villa.

Billy spilled the beans.

"But the last day when I got kicked out, it was six in the morning."

If that's the case, it sounds like the islanders partied all night long at the VIP club before presenter Laura Whitmore showed up.

In the past, former islanders have shared that they have absolutely no concept of time when they're in the villa.

Back in 2017, ex-contestant Kady McDermott claimed in an interview with Heat magazine that she and her fellow islanders couldn't sleep past 9.30am because it 'wasn't entertaining', and that they were woken up over the speakers in the villa.

Later, in 2019, Arabella Chi spoke about the surprisingly late cast bedtimes.

She told the Express that, in addition to an early start in the morning, these islanders are up all night.

She said: "What surprised me? How late you go to bed! Well, the time you think you go to bed, but it’s definitely late.

Billy claims he was dumped from the villa at 6 in the morning..

"You can try and work out the time but obviously we have no access to what time it is, you are able to kind of work it out."

And Billy's fellow Casa Amor bombshell Jack Keating, whose time on the series was short-lived, revealed that all forms of watches and clocks were banned from the villa.

In his own Instagram Q&A, when asked what the 'worst part' about villa life was, Jack answered: "There wasn't really any bad parts, I loved it, but the craziest part is not having a watch, not having a phone and so not knowing the time. It was definitely crazy, we had some late nights and some very early mornings."

Tyla has reached out to ITV for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@billybrown11/ITV

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