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Love Island: Billy Admits He Hooked Up With A Bombshell Before Entering The Villa

Love Island: Billy Admits He Hooked Up With A Bombshell Before Entering The Villa

Just when we thought we couldn't get any more banter from him.

Ex Love Island star Billy Brown has spilled that he actually hooked up with one of this year's bombshells before he set foot in the villa, and even has a sneaking suspicion that she was coming in just for him.

Billy made quite a splash during his brief time on the show, managing to pull Tasha Ghouri away from Andrew Le Page, cause some serious drama between Gemma Owen and Luca Bish, and break Danica Taylor's heart in just under three weeks.

But, had he lived to see another day in the villa, things could have gotten very interesting for Billy, who claims he was rather familiar with one of the girls who joined the series after he was dumped. Watch here:

Chatting to FUBAR Radio host Bobby Norris and guest host Summer Monteys-Fullam, Billy admitted that he knew bombshell Lacey Edwards rather well before she joined the show.

Lacey was among the last four bombshells to enter the villa last year, and made her first appearance just 24 hours after Billy and Summer were dumped from the island.

“I saw that this Lacey girl is going in and I've got with her before, which is funny. Next thing you know, she texts me that day she got out saying missed you by a day,” he revealed.

Billy then suggested: “She was coming in for me I think, yeah it's quite funny.”

Explaining how the pair met, he said: “It’s just a little kiss, it was a boat party. She fancied me and I ended up just getting with her. It didn't go any further.”

Lacey got to know Deji during her brief time in the villa.

Billy strikes us as a pretty well connected guy, as this isn't the first Islander of the series that he's known from the outside world.

When he first arrived in Casa Amor, Billy shared that he knew series star Gemma through mutual friends. Although Billy did try his best to get to know Gemma a little better when he returned to the main villa, Gemma made it crystal clear that they will remain strictly friends.

Elsewhere in his latest interview, Billy discussed the upcoming Love Island reunion as the series finale approaches.

“I'm alright with everyone in my eyes, there's nothing going on with me, so I'll be fine. Other people, I'm not so sure," he said.

"I've heard things about Remi [Lambert] and Jacques [O’Neil]. So, I don't know what's going to happen on that end of things, but we will see.”

Since being dumped from the villa, bombshell Remi has spoken out about his rather unpleasant experience with Jacques.

The aspiring rapper told YouTuber Reality with Will Njobvu that he and Jacques had gotten into "quite a lot of arguments" during his brief stint on the series, which "ruined" his Love Island experience.

Billy was dumped from the island a day before Lacey arrived.

Despite his rocky journey in the villa, Billy seems to have gotten a taste for the reality TV life, and wants to get his face back on camera ASAP.

He spilled: “I’ll do any [television show] you name it, Celebs Go Dating, I'll do Strictly Come Dancing, Too Hot To Handle. I'm up for anything as long as there's banter involved.”

Should have seen that coming!

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/FUBAR Radio

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