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Fans Suspicious Of Line Of Duty's Ace Bhatti After Spotting Him In Baptiste

Fans Suspicious Of Line Of Duty's Ace Bhatti After Spotting Him In Baptiste

'Ted Hastings will tell you never trust this guy'

Baptiste returned to screens last night, and viewers have already voiced their suspicions about one of the characters.

Yep, everyone's favourite French detective is back solving crimes in season two, and The Missing spin-off has a brand new mystery for Jilien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo).

As the second season began, we learnt that Julien would be protecting British ambassador to Hungary, Emma Chambers (played by Fiona Shaw from Killing Eve), and helping in the hunt for her husband and children, who had gone missing from their hotel in the mountains. 

And it wasn't long before we learnt that her husband and at least one of her teenage sons had sadly died after being attacked by someone wielding a gun.

We don't know any more details about who this was yet, or who could have orchestrated the killing.

But fans are already pointing the finger at Chambers' colleague Nadeem - although their suspicions are triggered by a previous role the actor, Ace Bhatti, played.

Fans of Line Of Duty will remember Bhatti as suspicious copper, Rohan Sindwhani, who was considered slimy and untrustworthy, before he was later discovered to be a secret supporter of AC-12. 

As he appeared on screens, fans flocked to point out where they recognised him from.

Ace Bhatti also appeared in Line Of Duty (

"Ted’s nemesis is back. #Baptiste," one said.

And many people joked that the link to Rohan alone was enough to deem the character suspicious.

"Julien dear Ted Hastings will tell you never trust this guy #Baptiste #LineofDuty," someone teased.

While another penned: "If you are trusting the Line Of Duty Guy then you need to assess your life choices. #Baptiste".

"#Baptiste Never trusted him in Line of Duty & looking suspicious again???," wrote a fellow viewer.

In the episode, Nadeem actually stepped forward to help Baptiste in his investigation, even viewing hotel webcam footage alongside him.

Baptiste and Emma Chambers (

But some thought he might just want to be in on the hunt so that his own cover wasn't blown.

The episode also featured a time hop from the disappearance and investigation to 14 months later, where both Baptiste and Chambers are dealing with the fall-out of big changes in their lives.

The detective is divorced, grieving the loss of his daughter and the imprisonment of his son, and all-in-all rather crestfallen.

He's turned to drink to soothe his pain, but could Chambers' case be exactly what he needs to put a spring in his step again, and give him purpose?

Ace also starred as Rohan Sindwhani in Line Of Duty (

Chambers also hasn't had an easy time of it. She's now using a wheelchair and is still devastated about what happened to her family.

The only thing that is keeping her going is the hope that one of her sons might be alive.

We can already tell this series is going to be a good one!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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