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You Can Now Buy Biscoff Sauce From Amazon

You Can Now Buy Biscoff Sauce From Amazon

It's official - Lotus Biscoff mania has hit the UK.

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Lotus Biscoff mania has officially hit the UK and adding to the craze, fans of the beloved caramel biscuit can now get their mitts on a topping sauce made from the sweet treat.

So far we've been treated to their cookie butter spread, handy dunk and go pots, ice cream, and general biscuits - but the latest product is no doubt going to send lovers of the cult biscuit brand into a tizzy.

Lotus Biscoff/ Amazon

Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce Squeezy Bottle is currently available on Amazon and 1kg of the stuff will set you back £12.99. Pricey, but potentially worth the investment depending on how much you expect to use it.

Money Saver Online made the tasty discovery and shared the mouth-watering product, which first appeared on Amazon in June, on their Facebook today (Tuesday, 6th August).

Lotus Biscoff

And the reaction to the new product, which would be great with ice cream, milkshakes or as a cake topping, is exactly how you'd expect - wild.

"Omg this looks amazing to go on top of ice cream," one penned. "Game changer!"

A second excitedly commented under the post: "Shut the front door".

"Jhezzzz sh*t just got REAL!" a fan posted. "We could drink it from the bottle".

People are already fans of their spread.
Lotus Biscoff

The find comes days after the brand and announced that it's finally launching 'Biscoff & Go' pots in the UK for £1 a pop.

The beloved snack has been transformed into handy portable packs, much like the Nutella Go pots and Dairylea Dunkers, which consist of Lotus Biscoff spread on one side and little bread sticks for dipping on the other.

Loyal fans of the caramel biscuit are in for a tasty treat with the latest addition as it rolls out in local convenience shops, such as Nisa, Costcutter and Spar, in the coming months

Last month, they announced their 'Biscoff and Go' packs would be sold in the UK.
Lotus Biscoff

The new snack is suitable for vegans, those with a dairy intolerance and made without artificial colours or flavours.

Originally the snack was solely available in America, but it appears they have finally seen the errors of their ways!

The joyous news comes five months after the brand unveiled their mouth-watering ice cream in the UK, which really took the biscuit.

As the Biscoff brand continues to grow, Lotus have proved that you should never underestimate a Dutch biscuit.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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