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You Can Now Get Chocolate Brownie Biscoff Ice Cream In The UK

You Can Now Get Chocolate Brownie Biscoff Ice Cream In The UK

But you’d better be quick - they're not around for long!

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Mmmm, Biscoff ice cream. Could there be anything tastier to enjoy on a sunny day in lockdown?!

We didn't think so...until we found out you could now get tubs of Biscoff Brownie flavoured ice cream in the UK. Yup, really.

Made up of the OG Lotus Biscoff ice cream and a delicious chocolate ice cream combined, the tasty tub is interspersed with brownie pieces and swirls of Lotus Biscoff spread, to give that extra treat with every mouthful.

Plus, Lotus Biscoff biscuit crumbs are scattered on top for a decoration, to add a caramel crunch. Mmmm.

Lotus Biscoff had already launched the brownie tubs in the US. (
Lotus Biscoff)

The tubs come in at a RRP of £3.79, and are only available in selected ASDA stores.

They're not available online, so will need to be purchased as part of an essential food shop.

Speaking exclusively to Tyla, Biscoff reps encouraged customers to "move fast" if they wanted to grab one, warning that the 460ml tubs wouldn't be around for long, as they're only in ASDA stores on a limited promotion.

They currently aren't available anywhere else in the UK, and there are no immediate plans to restock after the promotion.

The Biscoff ice cream is mixed with chocolate ice cream and brownie pieces (

The Biscoff Brownie ice cream isn't a permanent fixture yet in the UK, but it has been around in America for a while, alongside a chocolate chip version, a blueberry cheesecake version and a salted caramel flavour.

Over here, we're not short of Biscoff ice cream of our own, though.

We've got Biscoff ice creams on a stick, prepared with fresh cream and coated in chocolate with crumbs of the famous biscuit throughout, available in Tesco and Waitrose for a RRP of £3.89 per pack of three.

Or the OG cookie butter Biscoff tubs, available in Waitrose and Morrisons, with an RRP on £3.80.

Here's hoping Biscoff soon bring the Brownie tubs over to the UK for good!

Featured Image Credit: Biscoff

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