People Are Making Grilled Cheese Roll Ups And They Look So Good


People Are Making Grilled Cheese Roll Ups And They Look So Good

Is there any better lunch option than a delicious toastie, packed with all your favourite fillings but most importantly, oozing with melted cheese? It's the ultimate comfort food, if you ask us.

And now, people on TikTok have a new take on the humble cheese toastie. Say hello to 'grilled cheese roll ups'.

The delicious bite size snacks are seriously droolworthy - and all you need is bread, butter and cheese.

Trust us, these are going to be your go-to snack for the foreseeable.


We've popped a handy recipe below, so you can recreate them at home. You'll also need a frying pan and a rolling pin.




- Sliced white bread (one slice makes one roll)

- Cheese of your choice

- Butter for frying



1. Take your sliced bread, cut off the crusts and flatten with a rolling pin.

2. Grate or finely slice your cheese and spread evenly across your bread.

3. Roll each slice from the bottom upwards.

4. Take a generous amount of salted butter and heat on a frying pan. Once melted, add your cheesy rolls.


5. Fry until golden brown and the cheese is melted.

TikTokers are recommending the cheesy bites as a snack, a breakfast option, or even to eat alongside a bowl of soup. Check out some of these examples below...


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@modern_brie

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