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ASDA Is Selling A Mr Kipling Llama Cake Mix And Icing

ASDA Is Selling A Mr Kipling Llama Cake Mix And Icing

The tasty caramel cake mix can be bought alongside a frosted vanilla icing, all from Mr Kipling.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Big news, bakers! Mr Kipling's Llama cake mix is officially available to shop in ASDA and Morrisons stores now.

The tasty mix is caramel flavoured, and makes a delicious cake which serves as many as twelve people when mixed with oil, milk, eggs and icing.

You can grab yourself a box for just £2.

If you don't fancy making your own icing, you can also buy a tasty Llama vanilla icing tub from ASDA stores, too.

It promises fluffy white results, just like a Llama!

Plus, all products are made with "100 per cent natural flavours and no artificial colours", plus, they're suitable for vegetarians. Result.

We know what we're making for our next lockdown bake...

This isn't the only exciting food launch of the week as a Biscoff Ice Cream Cake is also soon to launch later this month at Iceland and Food Warehouse stores.

The Biscoff ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for fans of the caramel flavoured biscuits (
Lotus Biscoff)

Combining swirls of velvety Lotus Biscoff ice cream, this sweet treat is interlaced with irresistibly tasty Lotus Biscoff original caramelised spread and crispy chocolate layers.

And that's not all - the dessert masterpiece is topped off with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces to give customers an extra Biscoff taste explosion.

Sign us up!

The new premium ice cream cake delivers the iconic taste and crunch of Lotus Biscoff in a refreshingly frozen dessert form.

Perfect for sharing with friends, family - or even hidden away at the back of the freezer to save all for yourself - this hybrid Biscoff treat serves six but we won't judge if you want to treat yourself.

The truffles are made from smooth white chocolate (

If you're not after a full blown dessert, but just want something to satisfy your sweet craving then why not try Lindt's Neopolitan White Chocolate Truffles?

Yep, the Swiss chocolatier's OG Lindor truffle has been a cult favourite ever since they launched back in 1845, and now they have updated it to feature the three classic Neapolitan ice cream flavours.

The limited-edition Lindt Neapolitan Lindor chocolates are white chocolate truffles infused with little specks of strawberry in the shell.

The smooth centre is filled with chocolate and vanilla flavourings. Yum.

So many sweet treats, so little time!

Featured Image Credit: Mr Kipling

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