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People Are Losing It Over Lindt's Neapolitan White Chocolate Truffles

People Are Losing It Over Lindt's Neapolitan White Chocolate Truffles

Neapolitan ice cream flavours and smooth lindor truffles sounds like heaven.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Lindt have launched a tasty new combo truffle for their delectable Lindor range and it will definitely delight the tastebuds of those who love chocolate and ice cream.

The Swiss chocolatier's OG Lindor truffle has been a cult favourite ever since they launched back in 1845, and now they have updated it to feature the three classic Neapolitan ice cream flavours.

Lindt have launched a new range of Lindor truffles inspired by Neapolitan ice cream flavours (
GB gifts)

The limited-edition Lindt Neapolitan Lindor chocolates are white chocolate truffles infused with little specks of strawberry in the shell.

The smooth centre is filled with chocolate and vanilla flavourings.


Lindor fans took to Instagram after the food blogging page newfoodsuk posted pictures of the Neapolitan flavoured Lindor truffles and it has gone down extremely well.

The truffles are made from smooth white chocolate (

"Omg. These look amazing," one woman wrote.

Another commenter said: "I need these immediately".

A third person added: "I definitely need to find these."

"These look AMAZING," commented a fourth Instagram user.

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to officially launch the Lindt Lindor white chocolate Neapolitan truffles in the UK just yet.

But after doing some digging, you can buy them from GB Gifts and have them imported to the UK for just £7.99 when they're back in stock.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry make up the iconic Neapolitan ice cream trio (

If you're looking for a Lindor chocolate truffles with a tasty twist to try in the meantime, you can grab a 200G box of Lindt Lindor Salted Caramel truffles to snack on during lockdown.

They are just like the original choccies but stuffed with a tasty salted caramel flavoured filling.

Lindor explains the product is made up of "a dark chocolate shell with delicate pieces of salt, enrobing a smooth caramel flavoured centre."

The website adds that it is "perfect for sharing" - but we won't judge if you keep a whole box for yourself!

You can pick up the latest Lindor edition in Morrisons and Tesco for £5.

Featured Image Credit: Lindt/Shutterstock

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