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Kerry Katona speaks out about her past relationship with Lucien Laviscount

Kerry Katona speaks out about her past relationship with Lucien Laviscount

Many fans didn't know about the Emily In Paris star's past

Kerry Katona has spoken out about her past relationship with Emily in Paris star Lucien Laviscount after a photoshoot of the pair resurfaced.

Depending on your age, location and viewing preferences, there are a few places you might recognise Laviscount from.

If you're a younger fan who loves a rom-com and a binge-watch, then chances are it's from Netflix's popular Emily In Paris or Amazon Prime's Your Christmas Or Mine?

If crime and horror is more your speed, then you'll probably know him as Billy from Snatch, or John from The Bye Bye Man.

Lucien Laviscount has gained popularity through Emily in Paris.

Either way, if you're not also into reality TV then you probably won't know that Laviscount took part in Celebrity Big Brother more than a decade ago.

He appeared on the show alongside Katona and the pair surprised viewers as they struck up a relationship, despite their 12-year age gap.

The couple were photographed together when Laviscount was 19 and Katona was 31, and the resulting images shocked clueless fans when they resurfaced recently.

Sharing a magazine cover on which the couple featured, one fan wrote: "omg kerry katona managed to pull lucien laviscount?!? go on the girl."

Fans have been stunned by Katona's relationship with Laviscount.

Another commented: "Can’t get over the fact Kerry Katona and Lucien Laviscount from #EmilyInParis used to date."

Katona looked back fondly on her romance with the Netflix star while discussing the photoshoot with OK! this week, but explained the relationship wasn't anything serious.

She commented: "Apparently my OK! magazine cover from 2011 with my former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lucien Laviscount has gone viral on social media! Lucien was very charming and obviously easy on the eye, and it was all just a bit of fun."

Katona continued: "I have seen Lucien as Alfie in Emily In Paris on Netflix – he’s a great actor, so it’s no wonder he is being tipped to be the next Bond.

Katona described Laviscount as 'charming'.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

"People were even joking that I could have made a good Bond girl – and that just made me giggle."

Katona is now engaged to personal trainer Ryan Mahoney, but she evidently has an eye for talent as she predicted Laviscount's success during a chat with OK! in 2011, when she joked about the actor being involved in a 'love triangle' with herself and Amy Childs.

She commented: "Well, Lucien's career is going to skyrocket and when he gets that film contract, Amy Childs will be the first to get in touch."

In spite of Katona's jokes about Childs, Laviscount is now reportedly single.

Featured Image Credit: @kerrykatona7/Instagram / REX / Shutterstock

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