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Netflix viewers furious over ‘outrageous’ scene in Ginny and Georgia

Netflix viewers furious over ‘outrageous’ scene in Ginny and Georgia

The mother-daughter show is back for its second series

Warning: Article contains spoilers

Netflix users have been left feeling angry and disappointed after watching one particular scene in the new series of Ginny and Georgia.

The popular mother-daughter duo are back up to their dramas and disasters for the second series of the comedy, which arrived on Netflix with 10 new episodes yesterday (5 January).

The events of the second series picked up just a couple of weeks after the first, which ends with Ginny leaving with her brother after learning her mother murdered her ex-husband.

Commenting on the return of the series, creator Sarah Lampert told Tudum: "We wanted to pick up the story right where we left off. We left it off on such a juicy cliffhanger.

“We spent all of Season 1 breaking these characters down and putting them in certain places," Lampert continued. "So, we wanted to honor that by picking up Season 2 just two weeks later.

"We jumped right back into where we emotionally left everyone at the end of Season 1.”

The second series picks up right after the first.

The insight to Ginny and Georgia's lives has offered up some much needed binge material for the first week back at work after Christmas, so fans have been all too keen to sink their teeth into the show.

That's why, despite the fact it only dropped yesterday, fans have already found issue with a scene in the fifth episode of the show, titled Latkes are Lit.

The controversial moment takes place towards the end of the episode, and involves Blue Farm Café owner Joe, played by Raymond Ablack.

Many fans had previously hoped that Joe might be a love interest for Ginny - in spite of her engagement Paul.

That's why chaos ensued online when the scene showed him kissing not Ginny, but Sabrina Grdevich’s character Cynthia:

Not only are viewers unhappy because they were hoping Joe would end up with Ginny, but also because they felt that Joe and Cynthia aren't a good match.

One furious viewer didn't bother to mince their words, writing: "CYNTHIA AND JOE??!? WHAT THE F*CK???? WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK???? NO #ginnyandgeorgia"


A third simply wrote: "It's outrageous!"

The scene obviously ruffled some feathers, but the only way out is through, so fans will just have to keep watching to find out whether anything really comes of this new romance between Cynthia and Joe.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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