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Fans surprised at age gap between Lucien Laviscount and Kerry Katona after remembering they used to date

Fans surprised at age gap between Lucien Laviscount and Kerry Katona after remembering they used to date

People can't believe they forgot about Lucien and Kerry's relationship

Emily in Paris fans are in a state of shock after discovering Lucien Laviscount used to date Kerry Katona.

The British star is currently part of the main cast in the hit Netflix series as Alfie, one of Emily's (Lily Collins) love interests.

After Lucien's name was thrown into the ring of actors who might be the next James Bond, a Twitter user reminded everyone about his former fling with Kerry by jokingly calling the reality TV star a future Bond girl.

Before his stint as the suave English banker who sweeps Emily off her feet after meeting in a French class, the 30-year-old actor from Lancashire rose to fame after starring in Coronation Street and Waterloo Road.

This lead to him joining Celebrity Big Brother in 2011, where he met former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona - and the two hit it off.

Lucien and Kerry had a fling after they met on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011.
Channel 5

The pair grew close while they were locked in the world’s most infamous reality TV house.

Sparks were flying as they kissed several times and were filmed cuddling, before Lucien finished in fifth place and Kerry was the season’s runner-up behind Paddy Doherty.

They continued their relationship after leaving Celebrity Big Brother and posed together on the cover of OK! Magazine for a couples shoot.

“We hope we’ll be together forever,” the tagline reads. Well as we now know, it wasn’t meant to be.

Speaking to the publication, the former Iceland endorser – who was 31 at the time – raved about the connection she had with her 19-year-old beau.

Lucien and Kerry kissed on while on the reality show together.
Channel 5

“There was a lot of sexual tension, definitely," she said. "If the cameras hadn’t been there, God knows what would have happened.”

The age-gap didn’t bother the future Scream Queens star, who said he has a ‘thing’ for older women.

“She’s not too old for me!” he said, adding: “I like women who know where they’re at.

“It’s so frustrating to hear Kerry talk like that because she’s amazing. When I'm with her, I don’t feel like there’s an age gap at all.”

One Twitter user replied to the viral tweet about Lucien and Kerry's relationship: “In 2011, Lucien Laviscount was 19, and Kerry Katona was 31.”

Lucien at the Emily in Paris world premiere.
Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Someone else joked: “And I can’t look at Lucien Laviscount without seeing his Celebrity Big Brother relationship with Kerry Katona.”

The magazine cover also went viral on Instagram, which led to countless shocked comments.

“2011??? He was 19 and she was 31…” replied one Instagram user.

While someone else tagged a friend a commented: “Did not know he went out with Kerry.”

Things fizzled out and Kerry later revealed they were no longer a ‘thing’ in a column for OK! published in September 2011, not long after their cover page debut

"I love him but I’m not going to marry him," she wrote. "I would never want to take his childhood away from him!"

Featured Image Credit: AFF / Alamy Stock Photo / Channel 5

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