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Kerry Katona reveals how her kids reacted to her starting OnlyFans

Kerry Katona reveals how her kids reacted to her starting OnlyFans

"I feel like I’ve normalised OnlyFans because I own it"

Kerry Katona has opened up about how her kids reacted to her starting an OnlyFans account.

The former Atomic Kitten singer has been busy of late - as well as launching a brand new dating app with her fiancé Ryan Mahoney, she’s just been announced as the new co-host of the podcast Wheel of Misfortune.

After work dried up in the pandemic, Kerry also decided to give OnlyFans a whirl - and she’s proved a hit with her subscribers, catering to the highly popular ‘MILF’ category.

Speaking exclusively to Tyla, the 42-year-old star said: “I love my OnlyFans, I’m really proud of that.”

Kerry went on to say that she doesn’t do anything ‘too outrageous’ on her page. “They like seeing my feet or I’ll wear my underwear and send it back to them,” she explained.

“They might want me to talk dirty to them, but I don’t mind because I’m in my own space.”

The former singer has enjoyed success on OnlyFans.

Having worked in glamour modelling in the past, Kerry pointed out that what she does now isn’t too far removed from page three photo shoots or from what people see in the cinema.

“Natalie Portman in Black Swan is masturbating, Nicole Kidman is shown dry riding her on-screen husband and having sex,” she said.

“I’m not doing anything that they’ve not done. I’m selling a fantasy at the end of the day - it’s an act, it’s a performance.”

Even so, it took some getting used to for her five kids.

“I sat my kids down and told them, and at first Lilly-Sue [19] wasn’t too happy about it,” she said.

“But then the money started coming in, and they were getting the iPads, the nice trainers, and then she was like, ‘Mum, go all the way with it!'”

Today, Kerry is embracing and celebrating her achievements, telling us that in the earlier years of her celebrity career it was ‘almost like the public had a say’ in how she should live her life.

“It was all down to the public and the papers, and now I just don’t give a s**t,” she continued.

Kerry is living her best life.

“I feel like I’ve normalised OnlyFans because I own it. I own what I do and you can’t really say anything to anyone when they do that.

“I’m not hiding it, I do what I do and I’m living my best life - no one can take that away from me.

“As long as my kids are happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.”

The star went on to point out that her new job on Wheel of Misfortune, which she now co-hosts alongside comedian Alison Spittle, has opened her eyes to a whole new world.

For those who are unfamiliar with the podcast, the premise is simple yet effective - people send voice notes to the show in which they share their funniest and most embarrassing stories.

It’s down to Kerry and Alison to discuss.

Telling us about the series, Kerry said with a laugh: “Listening to some of the voice notes I think, ‘Oh my god, these make me sound normal.’”

What’s more, the confessions have proven to be a source of inspiration. “I have learned so many new tips for my OnlyFans from doing Wheel of Misfortune.”

Alison Spittle and Kerry are now hosting the Wheel of Misfortune podcast.
BBC Sounds

Alison spoke about getting Kerry on board after she appeared on an episode as a guest - and shared a hilarious story about being peed on by a lion while on safari.

“We got her on the podcast and just the reaction to it from the audience was so big,” she explained. “So when there was a need for a permanent replacement, Kerry was our number one choice.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Anyone wanting to check out the new season (and hear some of those embarrassing stories) can find it on BBC Sounds.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Vas/Alamy Stock Photo/Instagram/@kerrykatona7

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