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People left stunned after discovering what woman's pineapple tattoo actually stands for

People left stunned after discovering what woman's pineapple tattoo actually stands for

She said she had Facebook users 'triggered'

People have been left stunned after discovering what a woman’s pineapple tattoo actually stands for, with the ink fan saying her new artwork clearly left people ‘triggered’.

Tattoos are always a particularly personal thing, whether you feel a strong affinity to your star sign or the lyrics of Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’.

One woman decided to get one that looked pretty harmless on the surface, but actually had a deeper, x-rated meaning that many people had no idea about – pretty smart, if you don’t want to get too many eyebrows raising.

Posting a photo of the new tat in the What I Asked For VS What I Got Facebook group, she wrote: “When you know, you know.”

In an edit, she added that the inking was ‘not off-centre', it just looked like it was due to the way her trousers were sat.

She’d gone for the outline of a pineapple, but had it placed on her skin upside-down.

And nope, this was not an accident – it turns out it was very much intentional.

“Daaamn my tattoo has people TRIGGERED,” the woman wrote, following A LOT of reaction online.

You see, an upside-down pineapple means something very different to its upright counterpart.


As explained by, the upside-down pineapple is a symbol of swingers, who sometimes place one outside their home to indicate to others that they’re up swapping things about a bit.

“Did you notice an upside-down pineapple outside a person’s house, propped against their mailbox, and there’s a party going on inside?” the site says.

“It means that there is a ‘swingers’ party going on.

“Swinging is a sexual practice where participants will swap partners for sexual intercourse. It is not a lasting commitment and is only usually for a few hours.”

It adds: “No one is sure why the upside-down pineapple became the symbol for the swinging community, and you’ll see it splashed on stickers and t-shirts.

“If you see a couple wearing upside pineapples on their t-shirts while walking around, it likely means they are part of the swinging community.”


Commenting on the woman’s Facebook post, one user laughed: “Here I’m thinking it’s about infertility and it’s a train ride instead. More power to you!”

Someone else said: “And here I’ve been for the last 10 years wearing a pineapple dress to work and teaching young kids. No idea it meant this! I’m horrified (no disrespect to those that swing, just not my cup of tea!)”

A third admitted: “Before reading the comments I thought it was about How I Met Your Mother episode where nobody knew why Ted woke up next to a pineapple.”

One said they’d assumed it was a ‘Little Nicky reference’, while said they ‘didn’t know for a long time’ what the meaning really was.

Another added: “People always are so shocked and horrified when I tell them what it means, as if it’s a crime of the century. We’re all consenting adults, right?”

Featured Image Credit: seksan Mongkhonkhamsao/Facebook

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