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Woman regrets getting upside-down pineapple tattoo after discovering its true meaning

Woman regrets getting upside-down pineapple tattoo after discovering its true meaning

Turns out the upside-down pineapple has a VERY specific meaning in some circles...

A woman was mortified to discover that her cute little pineapple tattoo actually has a very naughty secret meaning.

Brittany Lewin, or @b_brittanylewin as she's known on TikTok, decided to get a tattoo of a pineapple inside a triangle on her forearm. You can see why that turned out to be a bad idea here:

While the ink may seem cute and innocent, poor Brittany later discovered she’d made a ‘terrible mistake’ after one of her friends pointed out that the tattoo had a cheeky other meaning.

In the video she shared on TikTok, Brittany posted a text conversation she’d had with a pal who messaged her asking: “Is that an upside-down pineapple?”

To which Brittany replied: “Hahaha not when my arm is down,” alongside a photo for illustrative purpose.

But she was slightly baffled after her friend then responded: “It’s still gonna make me giggle.

“I only just found out what an upside-down pineapple tattoo actually means.”

Brittany was still very much in the dark, asking her friend: “Wait what?” Before having to turn to Google for answers.

Brittany had no clue her tattoo had another meaning.
TikTok/ @b_brittanylewin

And it was here she learnt her adorable pineapple tattoo, when seen upside down, is ‘a secret sign used by swingers to identify each other in public’.

Another Google result explained: "An upside-down pineapple means that a person is in search of a swinger party.”

Not quite sure that’s what Brittany was going for.

Sharing the video, Brittany wrote: "Besties!! I post stories daily with my arm like this..."

And if she was expecting sympathy for her poorly-planned ink then she was fresh out of luck on TikTok, as most of her followers found the whole thing hilarious, which - let’s be honest - it kind of is.

A quick Google search left her mortified.
TikTok/ @b_brittanylewin

One user replied: “Freakin’ hilarious.”

Another said: “Nothing wrong with that, it's a sign - go have a good time.”

Others admitted that they’d already spotted it and assumed she was actually a swinger, with one person commenting: “I’ve thought this every video I’ve seen of you. I just thought, ‘each to their own’.”

And someone else added: “I always thought you and James [Brittany’s husband] were just into some extra fun stuff lol. I'm sad that you didn't actually know.”

In a follow up comment about why she’d opted for that particular design, Brittany explained: “It's meant to represent being a boss babe and the triangle is my lucky symbol.” I’m not sure that went quite to plan, are you?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@b_brittanylewin

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