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Expert shares what men don't actually enjoy in the bedroom with women

Expert shares what men don't actually enjoy in the bedroom with women

A sex expert spoke to men aged between 19 and 69 to hear their views about the stuff they don't like doing despite popular belief

A sex expert has spilled the beans on the things men don’t actually enjoy in the bedroom.

Men aged between 19 and 69 were asked to share their most intimate thoughts about what they don’t enjoy when having sex with women.

Tracey Cox conducted the research for MailOnline and the results are pretty surprising.

She found that men used to feel ‘resentful’ when their female partner used a vibrator in the bedroom, however more men are said to consider the devices ‘teammates’ rather than foes.

A man quoted in Cox’s study shared: “I don't mind her using a vibrator if I'm not there to have sex with her, but I think it's only courteous to let me use my hands and fingers to stimulate her if I'm there. It's demeaning. What does it mean if your wife can be brought to orgasm more easily by a machine? How is that supposed to make men feel?”

However, according to the research, a US study found 70 percent of men have no problem with women using vibrators, while almost four in 10 women said they thought the use of sex toys would upset their partner.

Despite popular belief, there are some sex acts men aren't very fond of.
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Oral sex is also a massive factor in the bedroom and men certainly have their fair share of opinions on how it should be.

While it often seems like women get short-changed when it comes to receiving, the research suggests men do find pleasure in pleasing their female partner’s with their mouths.

Albeit with a few caveats.

“She absolutely has to be completely hair free - shaved both front and back - and fresh for me to go there,” Cox reported one man saying regarding oral sex. Obviously, it's worth noting that it's your body, your choice when it comes to downstairs grooming - so you do you.

The research also noted that men didn't like 'not being given instruction or feedback' and 'not being allowed to do' oral sex.

While men may seem desperate to try anal sex with their female partners in the bedroom, not everyone is totally up for it.

Not all men are into watching porn or trying anal.
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“I think it's rubbish that all men are dying to have anal,” one response reads. “Sure, when you're a teenager it's the ultimate but most of the men I know aren't huge fans. After you've done it once, the appeal wears off quickly. I've never had a woman ask me to do it.”

Other things men didn't enjoy about anal were 'when it hurts her' and 'having to beg for it'.

It turns out that not all men want to watch porn in the bedroom, either.

“I find it off-putting if a partner suggests we watch porn together,” one man said. “It's an intensely private experience for me. I don't want her seeing videos I've clicked on and the sort of things she'd like to watch will be too tame for me. I don't want to have to justify why I watch something she thinks is weird and I don't want to have to explain why I like watching women that look nothing like her. Women might enjoy porn but they don't use it the way men do.”

The research found that 'having to justify why I want to watch a certain type' and 'having to pretend I only do it with her' were also what men didn't like about watching porn with their partner.

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