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People are just learning about easy hack to get the smell of garlic off fingers

People are just learning about easy hack to get the smell of garlic off fingers

This simple hack will change your life!

For the culinarily challenged among us, garlic is an absolute life saver.

But while it can transform almost any dish into something worthy of the Michelin guide, the smell can linger on your fingers for days. Until now, that is:

Many people are put-off from using garlic as it leaves you destined to walk around with smelly fingers for hours, sometimes days, after you've handled it.

Let's be honest - nobody needs that, do they?

Well, thanks to one TikTok user, those dark days could be well behind us all.

Jasmine (@justforkingeatit) recently shared an ingenious hack that means you'll never have to worry about having garlic-scented hands ever again.

She explained that she came across the trick by accident, but has now made it a part of her cooking routine.

Nobody needs smelly garlic fingers in their life!

In the video posted to her page, Jasmine can be seen dicing up some garlic and, while most of us tend to scrub our hands to within an inch of their lives in an effort to clean them, she has a very simple method.

Rather than using soap or hand wash, she just rinses her fingers in some water and then wipes them on the stainless steel tap.

Et voilà! No more offensive garlic smell.

Since the video was posted it has been viewed over 1,000 times, and people couldn't believe what kind of witchcraft they were witnessing.

"Holyyy SheeeetZzzz, it really worked," wrote one.

Another gasped: "This is life changing."

"I learned something new," put a third.

While someone else simply exclaimed: "Whaaat!"

This simple trick will help get that garlic smell off of your hands.

And if that wasn't enough, there's more!

Once you're done dicing your garlic, you'll no doubt be needing some onions to go with it.

But they can be so fiddly to cut, right? Well, not anymore.

A man’s ‘genius’ onion cutting hack has changed peoples' lives, showing how you can slice up an onion within a matter of seconds using an item you’ll always have lying around in your kitchen drawers.

TikToker, @casa_tips loves sharing neat little kitchen hacks to make life easier – many of which revolve around a simple gadget.

While you’re probably used to using your vegetable peeler just to remove the tough skins on your carrots and spuds, @casa_tips reckons you're missing a trick.

In the clip, he simply spears the onion with a fork before running a vegetable peeler across it and back again, repeating the motion quickly until the onion is all sliced up. How simple!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thelifebath

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