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Man’s ‘genius’ onion cutting hack has changed people’s lives

Man’s ‘genius’ onion cutting hack has changed people’s lives

One TikToker has shared a clever onion cutting hack to get them chopped up in seconds with minimal fuss

A man’s ‘genius’ onion cutting hack has changed people’s lives, showing how you can slice up an onion within a matter of seconds using an item you’ll always have lying around in your kitchen drawers.

Whether it’s the chemicals they release when the skin is broken or just the faff of chopping them without pieces flying everywhere, you’ll often end up in tears when cutting onions.

But one TikToker thinks they have the answer, having shared a clever trick to get them chopped up with minimal fuss.

TikToker @casa_tips loves sharing neat little kitchen hacks to make life easier – many of which revolved around a simple gadget.

While you’re probably just used to using your vegetable peeler to remove the tough skins on your carrots and spuds, @casa_tips reckons you're missing a trick.

He uses his for all kinds of food prep, including, in turns out, slicing onions finely.

Posting a video on TikTok, he said: “White or red onion? Which one do you prefer to eat? Tell us in the comments. A fork + a strong peeler made in Germany = epic win!”

In the clip, he simply spears the onion with a fork and runs a vegetable peeler across it and back again, repeating quickly until the onion is all sliced up.

It involves spearing the onion with a fork and using a peeler to slice it.

The video has proven to be such a hit among impressed TikTokers, that it’s racked up more than 79 million views and 3.8 million likes – along with more than 16,000 comments.

One person wrote: “Man you just changed my life.”

Someone else said: “This is genius!”

Others said the ‘amazing’ hack was a ‘game changer’, while one added: “In my 29 yeaaars on this earth why has this never crossed my mind!”

Another agreed: “33 years of existence and I don’t know this. Damn it, thank you so much this is so much easier!”

Someone joked that the next task is trying to remember the technique when it’s time to cut the onions.

The video has racked up more than 79 million views.

Others remained slightly dubious, citing one fairly obvious reason.

“This is actually so helpful but the peeler has to be super sharp so idk,” one said, with another agreeing: “I’ve never had a vegetable peeler this sharp in my LIFE.”

In another video, @casa_tips showed how the trick could work on other vegetables, too, including cabbage.

He also explained that a top tip was to ‘adjust the pressure of the peeler on the cabbage according to the thickness you’re looking for’.

Time to invest in a quality peeler, I think!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@casa_tips

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