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Jamie Redknapp leaves fans furious with 'inappropriate' Christmas post

Jamie Redknapp leaves fans furious with 'inappropriate' Christmas post

An Instagram post by Sky Sports football pundit Jamie Redknapp has left some fans furious.

Ex-footballer Jamie Redknapp has left some fans furious after posting a Christmas day photo some slammed as 'inappropriate'.

The England footballer turned pundit posted to his official Instagram account on Boxing Day with a few pictures of his family Christmas Day.

On the big day, Jamie and his wife Frida Andersson had their children by their side, alongside grandparents Harry and Sandra Redknapp for a festive treat.

Alongside the usual family was a two-time Michelin star Chef who stopped by the house to cook for the Redknapps.

On the menu was the traditional Christmas trimmings such as some very large roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, turkey, carrots, and of course the cranberry sauce.

The Redknapps were treated by a two-time Michelin star chef.

In the picture, there is also some other less traditional dishes prepared by the chef.

In the social media post, Jamie wrote: "Happy Christmas and God Jul, Love from our family. Amazing food @rest_story" - referring to the Michelin restaurant by Tom Sellers, which provided the food on Christmas day.

Many fans were quick to judge Jamie's lavish Christmas day and in particular lunch, as millions of people across the UK struggle with the cost of living crisis.

One follower wrote: "Cook your own food ffs! Why be so overly indulgent? It's not hard to do,” whilst a second added: “Not appropriate. People [are] starving.

A third said: "So sad that you can post pictures like that having your own chef to do your Xmas dinners when so many people are struggling to feed their kids & heat their houses.

The food looked good, but some fans criticised Jamie for it.

"It must be nice to have that money!! Players overpaid & pundits. Have some respect!!!"

However, there were some of Jamie's fans quick to defend the football pundit, saying it is up to him what he does with his money, with one fan jokingly saying that Jamie is not at fault for the cost of living crisis.

That person said: "Some people acting like the cost of living crisis is Jamie's fault."

A second added: "Get off his case. Not everyone is in a cost of living crisis.

"The problem with UK mentality is when someone does well, you are expected to give it away to those who haven’t. It’s madness.

"People are quick to forget the amount of money via tax they have contributed to the UK economy. Get off his case and everyone else’s whose enjoying the hard work they have put it."

And a third said: "Oooh send him round! Looks incredible and I love that you showed recognition for him."

Tyla has contacted Jamie's management for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jamie.redknapp

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