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Fans of 'must watch' crime thriller begging for season 2 after it premieres in UK

Fans of 'must watch' crime thriller begging for season 2 after it premieres in UK

The gripping drama stars Oscar winner Hilary Swank

Fans of a crime drama that premiered back in 2022 are still crying out for a second season, especially now it's premiered in the UK.

The television series aired on Sky Alibi, and despite an esteemed cast and glowing reviews the show was cancelled after just one season.

Sky Alibi have a great reputation when it comes to serving up unmissable dramas.

In recent times we've been treated to the likes of Catch Me A Killer and The Red King.

But even those amazing shows aren't enough to satisfy fans of Alaska Daily, who are begging for a comeback after it premiered in the UK earlier this month.

Watch the trailer here:

Alaska Daily stars Oscar-winning Hilary Swank as Eileen Fitzgerald, with Jeff Perry and Grace Dove rounding out the cast.

It followed the story of Eileen, a high profile New York journalist who packs it all in and moves to Alaska in pursuit of a fresh start and takes a job at a daily metro newspaper, The Daily Alaskan.

She is seeking personal and professional redemption and her work leads her to cover stories about the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women in the Alaska area.

It was created by Tom McCarthy, the Oscar winning writer behind 2015's Spotlight.

Alaska Daily starred Oscar-winning Hilary Swank. (Sky/NOW)
Alaska Daily starred Oscar-winning Hilary Swank. (Sky/NOW)

It landed to critical acclaim by journalists and viewers alike.

It gained an impressive 74 percent critics score and 86 percent audience score on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Richard Roeper noted for the Chicago Sun-Times: "Swank and the supporting players are terrific together."

Despite that, it was cancelled after just one season in May 2023.

Fans are still mourning their loss.

It landed to critical acclaim. (Sky/NOW)
It landed to critical acclaim. (Sky/NOW)

One wrote on X: "Just finished watching Alaska Daily on Sky Alibi - very good watch for anyone looking for a great drama - disappointed there won’t be a second season!"

Another said: "It's been a full calendar year and I'm still pissed about Alaska Daily being cancelled!!!"

While a third chimed in on Google Reviews: "This is one of the best TV series I have watched in the last 40 years. Acting is great, characters are believable and you care about them, as well as the Alaskans that they are trying to support by their news reporting."

Alaska Daily is available to stream on NOW TV.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Alibi

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