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'Absolutely horrifying' new thriller has viewers binge-watching entire series

'Absolutely horrifying' new thriller has viewers binge-watching entire series

Many people have been absolutely hooked by the 'gripping storyline'

An ‘absolutely horrifying’ new thriller has viewers binge-watching the entire series, with many saying it boasts a 'great cast' and 'gripping story'.

Sometimes there are TV shows that end up being ALL anyone’s talking about (we’re looking at you Baby Reindeer) as they climb up the streaming charts and creep into WhatsApp chats.

Other times, however, you might end up having to do a bit of digging to get to the real hidden gems, which sometimes fly under the radar despite being a huge hit among those who’ve seen it.

In this case, it’s possibly because it’s from a channel you may not have heard of, even though it’s one many have free access to without realising.

Starring the likes of Anjli Mohindra and Jill Halfpenny, the new thriller series follows police sergeant Grace Narayen as she is sent to a fictional Welsh island in search of a missing boy.

She soon understands that locals devote themselves to a pagan god – hence the show’s name, The Red King.

Since landing on TV a few weeks back, many viewers have been hooked, with some fans admitting they’ve rattled through the entire series in no time.

One person tweeted: “I thought it was brilliant! One of the best things I’ve watched for ages. Great cast, and gripping story.”

Another said it was ‘well worth a watch’, and one felt it was ‘a Wicker Man for the 21st Century’ - with another agreeing: “We started watching this series and it's going down the Wicker Man Path and I'm loving it.”

Someone else asked: “Why aren't more people talking about The Red King on Alibi? A perfect blend of comedic caricature and serious crime, with just enough pastiche. Can't recommend it enough!!!”

It's also been racking up five-star Google reviews, with one fan gushing: "Absolutely barmy but so worth a binge. Weirdly both amusing and absolutely horrifying."

The Red King stars Anjli Mohindra. (Alibi)
The Red King stars Anjli Mohindra. (Alibi)

A second added: "So great to watch loved every tense minute of this drama... cast were brilliant including Winter [played by Maeve Courtier-Lilley] who really stood out for me. Just great TV."

The show, indeed, premiered a few weeks back on Alibi, a channel originally named UK Arena - and then UKTV Drama – that is owned by BBC Studios.

Its sister channels also include Dave, W, Yesterday and Gold, many of which you often find while flicking about for something to watch on TV.

However, if you’ve got Sky or NOW, you’ll be able to stream the series in full for free that way, which no doubt sounds like a plan for anyone who’s more of a sucker to a binge-watch.

Featured Image Credit: Alibi

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