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Neighbours clip of Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth's accent has people shocked

Neighbours clip of Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth's accent has people shocked

Both the Hollywood stars appeared in the Aussie soap before making their names in movies

An old clip from Neighbours has fans shocked at Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth’s accents.

Often when you hear an actor in a different role, or even just chatting away on an Instagram Story, it can be weird to hear how much their voice varies.

Or maybe you just didn’t realise your favourite star is actually American because of how good they are at a British accent.

But fans can’t get over just how dramatically different both Margot and Liam's real accents are.

The pair of actors regularly play American characters, and it’s perhaps what they’re best known for.

Margot is of course the star of Barbie as well as the likes of The Wolf of Wall Street and Bombshell.

And Liam is known for roles in Hollywood movies such as The Hunger Games and The Last Song.

But both actors first made their names in the Aussie soap, Neighbours.

And the throwback video of the pair as Donna Freedman and Josh Taylor in the noughties has left fans amazed.

Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman in Neighbours.

In the video, the pair are bickering over their friend Bridget and her new boyfriend Declan as Donna whips out the semi-cringe but harsh slam: “Talk to the hand.”

She tells him to ‘cut the pity party’ while Josh argues he’s ‘just trying to make polite conversation’.

Liam’s Aussie accent is in full swing as he says Bridget is ‘not that innocent’ and as Margot slams he’s ‘just trying to get his spokes on Bridget’.

Many fans commented on the resurfaced video to say how ‘weird’ it was to hear them speaking in their Aussie accents, with one admitting: “I forgot Margot is Aussie."

Another said: “Didn’t know Margot was on Neighbours.

While a third added: “This is the first time I’ve seen Margot Robbie act in an Australian accent.”

Liam Hemsworth as Josh Taylor.

And one pointed out: “I don’t think I’ve ever head him talk with his Aussie accent.”

There’s even fans who admitted they can’t actually understand the accent that well, with one hilariously writing: “Thank god for subtitles.”

Margot made her debut on Neighbours back in 2008 and was meant to just be a guest character, but she ended up a firm part of the regular cast and remained on the soap until 2011.

Liam was on the soap from 2007 to 2008, with only the brief time shared with the Barbie actor.

While many fans quoted the ‘petty potty’ slam, another fan joked about their roles in the soap: “Ahhh yes because it’s illegal to be an Australian actor/actress without being in Neighbours."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/PrimeVideo

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