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Grey’s Anatomy releases new poster for season 20 and everyone’s saying the same thing

Grey’s Anatomy releases new poster for season 20 and everyone’s saying the same thing

It returned for its latest season earlier this week

A new poster has been released for the 20th season of Grey’s Anatomy, and everyone’s saying the same thing...

The hit medical drama returned earlier this week for the latest instalment, having originally premiered way back in 2005.

The action returns to Grey Sloan Memorial to pick up where we left off after that tense 19th series finale, which saw Teddy collapse.

Jessica Capshaw reprises her role as Dr Arizona Robbins, along with Alex Landi as Dr Nico Kim, while Natalie Morales and Freddy Miyares have also joined in recurring roles as paediatric surgeon Monica Beltran and patient Dorian.

As for whether or not we’ll be seeing much from Ellen Pompeo, who’s not listed as a guest star for the new season, writer-producer Meg Marinis told Deadline: “Her status is that she’s always a huge part of the show. I don’t know the answer to your question about why they choose to list it that way.

“But we have an open door policy with her. When she is able to be here, we welcome her with open arms. We work with her schedule, she still does the voiceover.”

The medical drama has returned for a new season.

Marinis added: “She was a huge part of the premiere for me, she and I have a great relationship.

“She’s constantly in my head, her voice. She cares very deeply for the show and even in the episodes that she’s not in, she’s interested to know what’s happening.

“So, you’ll see her come and go and she will always remain a very important part to the show.”

Many fans noticed Pompeo also featured on the season 20 poster, although that’s not the main thing people were pointing out about the longest-running primetime medical drama from its promotional artwork.

“There’s no reason for this show to be airing for this long,” one person tweeted, with another asking: “How long will this go on?”

The poster left many people thinking the same thing.

A third wrote: “I swear this hospital could be nuked and somehow will still have another season.”

Another said: “We need to wrap this up by the end of 2024 because this is insane.”

A fifth added: “I’m 4 years out of college and I vividly remember my 3rd grade teacher saying this was her favorite show, it is beyond time to pull the plug.”

However it doesn’t look like producers are desperate to end things just yet.

When asked if season 20 could be the end for Grey’s Anatomy, Marinis added to Deadline: “I’ve not been informed that this is the last season so I’m going to keep going and telling stories as long as they let me. We still have stories to tell.

“We receive a tremendous amount of support from the studio and the network and from Shondaland. So I’m going to keep going until they tell me to put that pen down.”

Featured Image Credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

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