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Huge discounts on Ninja air fryer as Amazon launches massive sale

Huge discounts on Ninja air fryer as Amazon launches massive sale

Amazon's Spring Sale is here and there's huge savings across loads of devices.

Air fryers are taking the culinary world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. These gadgets make cooking your dinner a doddle, crisp up your chips like your favourite takeaway, and are quite frankly an all-round quality piece of kit when it comes to saving time in the kitchen.

If you haven’t got one of these wonderful appliances yet (seriously? Where have you been?) or you’re just looking to upgrade your old one, there are some huge discounts on the market at the moment, with retailers including Amazon and John Lewis offering up to £60 off some of the devices including brands like Ninja and Philips.

But some of the deals are only live for a few days - so get them before they're gone!

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Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer Smart Cook System, £199 (was £236 - save £37)

The Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer currently has £37 off.
Amazon/ Ninja

There’s a reason Ninja’s air fryer are a firm favourite in Brits’ kitchens, and this 9.5L dual-tray model currently has almost £40 off. It’s perfect for those who like their steak cooked with precision, thanks to its digital cooking probe which monitors your food’s temperature throughout the cooking process - making sure each bite is heated to perfection. Not a steak fan? This nifty appliance can easily accommodate a whole 2kg chicken in its spacious drawer, making it perfect for Sunday roasts.

Philips Airfryer 5000 Series XXL, £129.99 (was £189.99 - save £60)


If you're a seasoned air fryer pro looking to up your game, or you're a home cook that's serious about getting the best gadget on the market for your kitchen, this is the one for you. This air fryer doesn't mess around and will become your everyday cooking companion - trust us. With a whopping 16 different cooking functions, including frying (obvs), baking, grilling, defrosting, fermenting and even making yogurt (wild, we know), this Philips air fryer is a must have for all budding chefs and those looking to streamline their cooking process.

Cookwise Dual Air Fryer with Visual Window, £119.99 (was £159.99 - save £40)


What's better than an air fryer with one drawer? Duh - an air fryer with two, of course. This 9L capacity appliance has nine cooking presets to choose from, ensuring you get the perfect chips each time; crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle... just how we like 'em. What's more, the touch screen functionality and clearly labelled icons means there's no faffing about with confusing buttons. Simply press and away you go.

Aigostar 7L Digital Airfryer, £58.99 (was £101.99 - save £43)


We've all been there; we've left our sweet potato fries in for a few minutes longer than recommended because they were looking a little pale and, the next minute, they're coming out of the oven like bullets, burnt to a crisp but (somehow) still squishy in the middle. Thankfully, this Aigostar air fryer features 360° rapid air circulation technology that helps your food cook evenly, 30 per cent faster with 99 per cent less oil and the same great taste.

Fabuletta 4L Air Fryer in Black, £45.99 (was £59.99 - save £14)


Another boss air fryer from the team at Fabuletta. This stylish and sleek appliance comes in a black and chrome finish with large, clearly labelled touch screen buttons on the top for ease of use. With nine easy settings to choose from, you've plenty of options when it comes to getting the perfect crispy chicken skin or beautifully baked potatoes. Cook at temperatures from 65°C to 230°C and set reminders for shaking and turning over your food. The four litre capacity is more than adequate enough to cook 10 wings or 1.5 pounds of fries per round.


Acekool Digital Air Fryer Oven, £106.39 (was £139.99 - save £33.60)


Now we're cooking. This absolute beast of an air fryer circulates hot air so efficiently it creates a 'fried finish' on your food without the need for oil. With a whopping 18 litres to make use of, this tray-style air fryer has plenty of space for cooking multiple food groups at once and has dedicated modes for cooking steak, chicken, seafood, vegetables, french fries and more. As well as air frying, it's also able to bake, grill, roast, toast, dehydrate and rotisserie. Is there anything this bad boy can't do?

Fabuletta Compact Air Fryer in Sage Green, £50.99 (was £59.99 - save £9)


Compact, powerful, and pretty? What's not to love about this sage green-coloured air fryer from Fabuletta? Using even crisp technology, this gadget is able to achieve a golden crisp finish as well as forming a juice barrier to help keep your food fresh and moist. It's perfect results, every time. Clean up is a doddle, too - just remove the non-stick pan and pop it in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning, ready to use time and time again. The non-slip feet safely stabilise the air fryer too, enhancing the safety of this product.

Fabuletta 4L Compact Air Fryer in White, £50.99 - was £59.99 (save £9)


Looking for a lighter coloured air fryer to match your bright and airy kitchen decor? No problem. This compact four litre air fryer from Fabuletta has all the same bells and whistles as the above two products, just in a white glossy finish. Thanks to Fabuletta's 24-month warranty and lifetime customer service scheme, you can rest in the knowledge that, in the unlikely circumstance your air fryer was to stop working, your concerns and issues would be addressed quickly and accordingly. What do you have to lose, apart from time spent slaving over the oven?

Duronic Large Drawer AFD1, £39.99 (was £49.99 - save £10)


Need a new drawer for your Duronic AFD1? Bag an absolute steal with this deal on Amazon. This drawer features a spacious inner tray with plenty of room for cooking a diverse range of foods in a quick and efficient manner. If you're the type of person that enjoys cooking for the whole family, this drawer is perfect for cooking larger quantities at a time in and the handy transparent viewing window means you can keep an eye out while it fries - it's ideal for cooking the meat in for your roast dinners.

Fabuletta 4L Air Fryer in Red, £59.99 ( was £59.99 - save £9)


Fabuletta is seriously coming through with the deals at the moment. Another stylish air fryer with a vibrant pop of colour, this appliance would make a real talking point in your kitchen. Another four litre capacity gadget, this multi-setting fryer reduces the amount of oil needed for cooking by 85%, meaning healthier, lighter meals with the same great taste you know and love. What's more, the device has a memory setting, meaning you can pull open the air fryer drawer to check on your food and continue cooking right where you left off. Easy peasy.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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