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Grey’s Anatomy fans left fuming over Ellen Pompeo's final episode

Grey’s Anatomy fans left fuming over Ellen Pompeo's final episode

'That wasn’t a farewell, it was a sh*t show'

**Warning: contains Grey's Anatomy spoilers**

It sounds like we have a critical TV emergency on our hands.

Ellen Pompeo bid farewell to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after 18 years but viewers are seriously disappointed over her final episode, with one fuming fan calling it a 'sh*t show'.

The 53-year-old actor played the leading role of Meredith Grey for all of the hit Shonda Rhimes drama’s 19 seasons, which first aired on ABC in March 2005.

Meredith’s swan song involved the beloved surgeon relocating from Seattle to Boston with her family for a new job.

In the episode, titled 'I’ll Follow the Sun', Meredith gets a phone call from her love interest Nick (Scott Speedman) who confesses his love for her. But in a rather cheeky twist, Meredith pretended that the line was breaking up and said she would call him back once she landed in Boston.

She said: “The end of my story is not any kind of ever-after, because I’m still alive, I’m still here, and the sun still rises on my life.”

Fans are not happy about the episode.

Meredith’s reference to the sun seems to be a throwback to Cristina (Sandra Oh) who once told Meredith years ago that ‘he’s not the sun. You are.'

But fans are extremely underwhelmed, with disgruntled viewers even dubbing it one of the worst episodes of television ever.

“Tonight’s episode of Grey's Anatomy was genuinely the worst episode of television I’ve ever seen. that wasn’t a farewell, it was a sh*t show," one social media user declared.


Another viewer sent a tweet to the official ABC account, writing: “@ABCNetwork That was the worst episode of Grey’s Anatomy. That was not a proper send off to [an] iconic character Meredith Grey. The [title] character. Please just end Grey’s anatomy this season do us all a [favour]. Grey’s is not Grey’s without Meredith Grey and Ellen has had enough.”

A third fan implied they’re considering giving up on watching the show. “Imagine leading a show for 19 seasons and they give you the worst farewell episode in the entire history of Shondaland,” they said.

“Is this the point where I give up on Grey’s Anatomy?”

Fans have complained on social media.

A fourth tweeted: “That has gotta be the worst episode of Grey’s Anatomy I have ever watched.”

Similarly, another Grey’s fanatic shared: “That might have been one of the worst episodes of Grey’s Anatomy ever.”

Ellen played Meredith for 407 episodes across 19 seasons.

Although she’ll will no longer be a series regular, she’s not closing the door on returning and will continue to record voiceovers.

The fact she didn’t have a wild death scene like Derek (Patrick Dempsey) who died tragically in 2015, suggests she could be back and not just as part of a dream sequence in the ‘afterlife’.

Grey's Anatomy airs on ABC and is available to stream on Disney+

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