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Paul Mescal left writer of Netflix thriller 'embarrassed' and 'mortified' on set

Paul Mescal left writer of Netflix thriller 'embarrassed' and 'mortified' on set

The writer behind the crime drama opened up about the situation

We've got just a week left until the first month of 2024 is behind us and it's clear we've all been spoilt rotten with all the cracking telly we've been able to sink our teeth into less than a month into the New Year.

Beloved Irish actor Paul Mescal has definitely been having a bit of a moment, with many fans eager to binge-watch his entire discography.

There's actually a series from a few years back now starring the actor, however,

the writer of the thriller opened up about his experiences with Mescal, revealing he was left totally 'embarrassed' and 'mortified' on set while filming.

Check out the official trailer here:

The official Netflix premise reads: "A student's illicit affair with her married professor takes a sinister turn when a shocking death makes her question their love - and her sanity."

The 'binge-worthy' thriller stars the likes of Normal People heartthrob, Mescal, Hollyoaks 'bad-boy' veteran Emmett J. Scanlan, and Belgravia star Emily Reid.

The Deceived, brought to us by the Irish genius behind Derry Girls Lisa McGee, shines a unnerving night onto gaslighting behaviour while simultaneously honouring pinnacles of gothic classics.

Paul Mescal in The Deceived.
Channel 5

While it actually first graced our screens some years back on Channel 5 in 2020, it's clear the suspenseful crime drama has only aged like fine wine since it dropped on Netflix with viewers so locked in, they've been left unable to sleep easy at night.

The writer behind The Deceived, Tobias Beer, had not actually watched Normal People before he cast Mescal in the thriller which led to a pretty 'embarrassing' moment later down the line.

Opening up to Radio Times about the situation, Beer recalled: "Our casting director told us, 'You’ll be very lucky if you get Paul, he’s going to be a star'.

The Deceived is currently available to stream on Netflix.
Channel 5

"I’m mortified, because I had conversations with him on set and having now seen Normal People, the idea that I could tell him anything at all is just embarrassing!"

Carrying on singing the praises of the 27-year-old Irish actor, Beer continued: "He has this amazing quality, he does so little but has incredible depth behind a relatively impassive face. It’s very rare.

"And he’s potentially a knight in white armour in this, so people will hopefully enjoy that."

Well, according to all the fans raving about the series online - it's clear they most definitely enjoyed it.

The Deceived is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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