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Netflix viewers hail 'binge-worthy' thriller starring Paul Mescal

Netflix viewers hail 'binge-worthy' thriller starring Paul Mescal

The psychological thriller also stars Hollyoaks 'bad-boy' Emmett J. Scanlan

2024 is officially under way, and already, millions of Netflix-lovers have spent the new year sinking their teeth into the newest binge-worthy box-sets and spine-tingling psychological thrillers added to the streaming service's catalogue.

The Netflix adaptation of crime-drama author Harlen Coben's best-seller Fool Me Once still has fans begging for a second series, following a showdown plot-twist ending that viewers questioning everything they know.

And German sci-fi thriller Dark has been dubbed one of the most underrated TV series of all time for its sequence of time-bending plot holes and nerve-shattering acting skills.

There's one other star-studded Netflix chiller, however, that has set tongues wagging all over the world since dropping on the streaming service.

Starring the likes of Normal People heartthrob Paul Mescal, Hollyoaks 'bad-boy' veteran Emmett J. Scanlan and Belgravia star Emily Reid, this suspenseful series ticks every box when it comes to what you're looking for in a heart-stopping crime drama.

Despite having first been released on Channel 5 back in 2020, The Deceived is finally receiving the recognition it deserves for having it's viewers unable to sleep easy at night.

According to Netflix's synopsis, the story follows student Ophelia's 'illicit affair' with her married school teacher, which takes a 'shocking turn' following an unexpected death, which leaves her 'questioning their love - and her sanity'.

The four part series has terrified viewers.
Channel 5

The thriller, brought to us by the Irish genius behind Derry Girls Lisa McGee, shines a unnerving night onto gaslighting behaviour whilst simultaneously honouring pinnacles of gothic classics.

I mean, is there anything more British crime-horror than a dead wife wandering around a colossal manor house and haunting its inhabitants?

And this four-episode series has already received rather impressive ratings from TV and film critic sites, including Rotten Tomatoes, which gave it a respectable 64 percent.

And it sounds as though viewers of this 'binge-worthy' thriller still can't get enough of it, with many hoping and praying that the A-list cast return for a second series.

Paul Mescal stars in this psychological thriller.
Channel 5

Sharing a snap of the series' poster on Facebook this week, one social media user wrote: "Just binge watched. Its really good."

A second went on: "If anyone needs something to watch The Deceived on Netflix is unbelievable."

"Omg if you have not watched The Deceived on Netflix, go watch!" another recommended.

A fourth continued: "The Deceived on Netflix (originally Ch5) has given me really weird dreams each night after watching it. It’s a quite good supernatural/psychological thriller, only four parts so very bingeable."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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