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My Mum, Your Dad's Elliott says he has 'no regrets' over the show despite Sharon split

My Mum, Your Dad's Elliott says he has 'no regrets' over the show despite Sharon split

The dad opened up about his time on the ITV programme.

We all absolutely loved the debut season of My Mum, Your Dad when it first launched last year and I'm sure many of us were left beyond buzzing ever since the news hit that season two would shortly follow.

Now, in case you didn't catch it last year, the programme, which has been excellently dubbed a 'middle-aged Love Island', follows a group of single parents who spend two weeks in a romantic countryside retreat after being nominated by their grown-up kids for a second chance at love.

But... there was a twist and that twist was, unbeknownst to the parents, the singletons' kids watch their every move from a nearby location.

Season one introduced ITV viewers to the likes of 53-year-old Elliott Davidson and his son Zach.

During the show, Elliott was introduced to Sharon Benson, also 53, and the pair soon struck up a romance and continued dating even after My Mum, Your Dad came to an end.

However, the relationship eventually came to an end late last year and Elliott has since said he has 'no regrets' over taking part in the show despite the split which followed.

Elliott and Sharon were partnered up on My Mum, Your Dad last year.

Talking about his time on the show, Elliott told Tyla: "I absolutely loved it. I had a great time on there!

"I had a blast! It was like a two-week vacation - you're not working, all your food is provided, you meet some great people. So there's no downside to it really!"

Opening up about what it was like finding Sharon in the retreat and to, seemingly all of a sudden, have an entire fanbase invested in your love life, Elliott explained it was just something that simply came with being a reality TV star.

Elliott says he has 'no regrets' after appearing on the ITV programme.

"I think, if you're going to put yourself forward for a reality programme on TV, you've got to expect people to be invested in what you're doing," he said. "You can't just pick and choose the moments you want.

"There are going to be some moments that you may not be so comfortable with but you've got to go into it knowing that.

"I got a lot of questions about the breakup with Sharon afterwards, and I spoke to everyone about it, because I was of the view that they were as invested in the relationship as we both were."

The dad said he 'absolutely loved' the experience.

With that said, however, the dad said he 'enjoyed it' adding: "There's been some great things that have come off of all that.

"Although it didn't work out with me and Sharon, unfortunately, I've got no regrets about anything that happened.

"It was great meeting her. Zach met some great people who he's still friends with at the moment as well so that's a massive bonus."

Elliott, who has since started up a podcast with Zach, also kindly offered his 'number one' piece of advice he has for the season two cast, telling the future contestants to 'just go with it', adding: "Just be yourself, go in there and do it as an experience."

The experience has brought Elliott and his son Zach even closer.

He continued: "You go in there wanting to meet someone and it provides you with an opportunity to do that.

"But yeah, just enjoy the ride. Just go in and enjoy meeting new people and just enjoy the whole experience in there.

"Everyone will navigate it in their own ways and in different ways. But yeah, just have fun with it!"

My Mum, Your Dad series two is currently on the hunt for single parents and their grown-up kids who want another shot at finding a connection.

If that sounds like a bit of you, you can apply here.

My Mum, Your Dad is available to stream on ITVX.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sharonbenson_6 /ITV

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