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Supernanny says what she thought of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's behaviour at the Queen's funeral

Supernanny says what she thought of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's behaviour at the Queen's funeral

The childcare expert shared her thoughts

Supernanny Jo Frost has offered her thoughts on Prince George and Princess Charlotte's behaviour during Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Monday.

George, nine, and Charlotte, seven, attended the ceremony with their parents the Prince and Princess of Wales to bid farewell to their great-grandmother.

After Jo Frost, along with billions of other onlookers, watched the children sit by their parents' sides at the event, she's now taken to Instagram to share her expert opinion.

George and Charlotte were on full display at the Queen's funeral. .
PA/Dominic Lipinski.

Sharing a photo of the second and third-in-line to the throne, Jo raved: "Impeccable! Little did Prince George & Princess Charlotte Wales know that their stamina and orderly conduct at the Queen's Jubilee would be the training in attending their own Gan-Gan's State funeral.

"A careful decision for their parents to make regarding their attendance. I believe taking into account their ages and succession to the throne, this historical moment was an absolute must.

"Such emotional life experiences embed memories that do profoundly hold a unique impact years later. One that you will both remember beside your loving nurturing parents."

She continued: "You did yourselves proud, your poise and grace outstanding, we cried when you did... we stood in silence and awe as we honoured with respect Her Majesty, your late great-grandmother. 

"May you remember daily the sweet moments little ones, take comfort from your loving family and heal in your own time."

Frost's followers were inclined to agree with her, with many also raving about the two 'well-behaved' youngsters.

"Her little smile in the car just showed their innocence in it all. Lovely to look at things through their eyes when experiencing sad moments," commented one follower.

"Such beautiful children and impeccably behaved today. Their parents should be so proud," added a second while a third said: "Incredibly well behaved. Very impressed."

In one particularly poignant moment during the ceremony, Prince George could be seen getting emotional, and was quietly comforted by his mum Kate.

Later that same day, Princess Charlotte was seen appearing to burst into tears as the family said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince George got a little bit emotional during the ceremony.
PA/Dominic Lipinski.

Despite the tears on Monday, George and Charlotte were the picture of good manners throughout the long day.

Meanwhile, people having been getting a kick out of imagining what George and Charlotte's younger brother Prince Louis got up to while he was left at home.

While the four-year-old was likely kept home given the intensity of the long and sad day, but many people watching on from home suggested that it might have been because of his behaviour at the Queen's Jubilee celebrations earlier this year.

Featured Image Credit: Barry King/PA Images/Alamy

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