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People's ideas of what Prince Louis got up to at home during funeral go viral

People's ideas of what Prince Louis got up to at home during funeral go viral

These memes are too much

People are getting a kick out of imagining what Prince Louis might have gotten up to at home while the rest of his family was at the Queen's funeral on Monday.

The Queen's great-grandson caught the attention of the UK earlier this year when he attended the Platinum Jubilee celebrations with his family.

While his older brother and sister were well behaved at the long weekend of Jubilee events, the four-year-old got pretty restless from time to time, and was seen doing everything from shushing his mum to blowing raspberries.

Prince Louis was the centre of attention at this summer's Jubilee celebrations.
PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

However, when the entire Royal Family reunited this week for Queen Elizabeth's state funeral at Westminster Abbey, Prince Louis was no where to be seen.

Before the ceremony, Prince William of Wales and Princess Kate of Wales said that they were trying to keep things 'as normal as possible' for their three young children.

Later, she revealed that Louis had been struggling to make sense of his great-grandmother's passing.

Australia's Governor-General David Hurley confirmed that, while speaking to Kate at a reception ahead of the state funeral, he learned Prince Louis is "now asking questions like, 'do you think we can still play these games when we go to Balmoral?' and things like that, because she's not going to be there."

As a result of his absence from the big day, people have been having a blast online imagining what Prince Louis might have gotten up to while he was 'home alone'.

Prince Louis at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

While tuned in to the televised event, which was watched by an estimated four billion people worldwide, one viewer tweeted: "Would love to see a Home Alone type film of Prince Louis left to his own devices at Buckingham Palace today. Absolute carnage I imagine."

Others uploaded GIFs from the Macaulay Culkin classic, joking that it must be a mirror image of what the four-year-old was doing at home.

One amused user even posted a video of Mr Blobby's iconic appearance on ITV's This Morning, where he wreaks havoc across the TV studio, imagining Louis leaving a similar trail of destruction.

People are convinced that Prince Louis was wreaking havoc while his family was out on Monday.

While Prince Louis was getting up to whatever he was getting up to at home, his siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte captured the hearts of viewers around the world when they were seen singing at the Queen's funeral.

George, nine, and Charlotte, seven, walked side-by-side into Westminster Abbey behind their parents, followed by their aunt and uncle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The second and third in line to the throne could be seen in television coverage, standing on either side of the Princess of Wales and taking part in the hymns.

Featured Image Credit: @nutzypeanutz/Twitter/ITV

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