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People Are Obsessed With This Nun Dropping Her Skincare Routine

People Are Obsessed With This Nun Dropping Her Skincare Routine

Then I saw her I'm a believer.

A nun revealed just how she keeps her flawless skin looking so fresh, and, hallelujah, it’s enough to make us religious.

Episcopal nun Claudette Powell, who regularly posts on TikTok under the username @nunsenseforthepeople, was hoping to educate users on the video sharing platform about life as a member of a devout religious community.

However, her 40,000 followers were also desperate to know how she keeps her skin looking so fresh.

You can watch the video below:

"A bunch of really nice ladies left comments on here saying they think I look a lot younger than I am," Claudette explained, adding she's actually 55 years old (praise be!).

"I just wanted to say thank you, that was really nice. People have actually been sending me messages asking what my skincare routine is, which is hilarious because I don't really have one!"

Claudette has very clear skin and was touched by the comments (
TikTok - nunsenseforthepeople)

Say what?

Instead, Claudette said there were three factors as to why her skin is so clear and wrinkle-free.

"I probably have a few less wrinkles than some other people my age, because I just can't go out," she explained. "Seriously, since the late 1990's. I get migraines when I go out in the sun, so I have to have a sunshade or umbrella.

"The other thing is that I used to work in the photography business, so whenever I shoot these videos, I shoot them in really good lighting, and in low lighting. Low lighting is a girl's best friend - you should see me in pitch darkness.

Claudette was amused some thought she was in her 30s (
TikTok - nunsenseforthepeople)

"I've never beauty products as I think they're a rip-off and I'm really cheap. My skin is allergic to pretty much everything on earth, so I wash my face once a day. I have to use that Aveeno oatmeal bodywash and shampoo you get at the baby department in the groceries store for around six bucks."

Is it good skin really that simple? We're tempted to find out.

Claudette said avoiding the sun, Aveeno products and low lighting help her look young (
TikTok - nunsenseforthepeople)

Viewers were left stunned that Claudette was in her 50's, with people writing they were convinced she was in her mid 30's at most.

"You look like Tina Fey!" gushed one viewer, while a second wrote: "Natural beauty! I thought for sure you were mid 30's."

Others joked it was because Claudette as committed to God which was why she looked so good, and is away from one of life's biggest stresses.

"It's because you've been living without men," said one person, while another said: "Her skincare is called no husband, no kids."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - nunsenseforthepeople

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