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And Just Like That: SATC Fans Convinced Big Has A Secret Child With Natasha

And Just Like That: SATC Fans Convinced Big Has A Secret Child With Natasha

Could it be true?

This article contains spoilers for And Just Like That...

If you've watched the first two episodes of Sex And The City's reboot, And Just Like That, you might have noticed some peculiar behaviour surrounding Big's secretary, Gloria.

After the episodes aired, eagle-eyed SATC fans noticed there was something strange about Gloria, with a lot of focus placed on her at Big's funeral. Not only did viewers find her interaction with Stanford odd, but they also honed in on how bereft she was at Big's death and the way in which she told Carrie they had 'a lot of paperwork' to go through while she was leaving.

As a result of her character getting so much attention, many fans think Gloria could have some dirt on Mr Big and - with confirmation that Big's ex wife is returning - some viewers are convinced Big could have been hiding a secret love child with the 'shiny hair, style section, Vera Wang' Natasha.

Fans have noticed something about Gloria (

The theories have been picking up pace on Reddit, with one person certain that Gloria is hiding a huge secret.

"She mentions that she has papers she needs to go through with Carrie and I can definitely see a storyline where Big either forgot to change his will and has left the bulk of his fortune to Natasha or even that he has a secret child with her or another ex wife or girlfriend," said the Redditor.

"In the new trailer we see that Natasha blocked Carrie on Instagram so maybe Carrie found out whatever secret Big was hiding from her and is stalking Natasha to know more, etc."

"Secret love child/dodgy business/debt. Clocked it as soon as I saw her," said another.

While a third added: "Maybe he had an affair with Natasha or Natasha secretly had a child with him."

And a fourth wrote: "I'd love to see a secret child coming out onto the stage claiming half the assets or Natasha being a partial heir."

A fifth agreed, adding: "I think Natasha was pregnant and left her cheating husband to raise her baby with her rich family’s help… but the will leaves $ to the child, who’s now a teen."

Natasha makes a return (

After the third episode dropped on Thursday - spoilers ahead - we were given even more clues about Natasha's role in the series and if there could be a child involved.

In the third ep, Carrie learns that Big has left Natasha $1million in his will. But why? Well, Carrie has no idea, and Natasha says she doesn't know either, claiming they haven't spoken since the divorce.

Could it be guilt money after the affair? According to Big's lawyer, the money was left due to 'unfinished business' - whatever that means.

Some people are now convinced that Gloria was in on Big's 'secret' and that's why he 'kept her on' all these years. Meanwhile some viewers pointed out how Carrie told Gloria that Big had said 'she knows me better than I know myself'.

“'He always said no one knew him better than you' she knows the secrets," they wrote.

Others meanwhile, are convinced that the big news will be Big having an affair with Gloria herself.

"I think the reveal will be that Big has a kid with Gloria, not any time during the Carrie era. He had a dalliance with a secretary of his during his first marriage, felt obligated to keep her on because they had a child together that she kept quiet, and the front row kerfuffle was because Big was the father of her child so from her view that is a close relationship to the deceased.

"Maybe the kid (adult now) hated him, or is overseas, or is too high profile to show up at the funeral? The relevance to Carrie is both financial and the revelation that this man she loved has a secret kid!"

Fans think Big has a secret (
HBO Max)

Fuelling the theory, some think that Carrie having to move out of her and Big's apartment - which is shown in the latest trailer - could indicate that Big had left his estate to someone else (aka a potential love child?!)

Another person thinks that Big was about to tell Carrie something, just before she headed out to Lily's piano recital.

"I think Big was going to tell her something earth shattering. Divorce inducing. We're going to find out what it is and it's the only way Carrie is going to be able to move forward from her 'true love'. I think he has one or more than one child. He always told her he wanted it to just be the two of them.

"Carrie gave up her option of parenthood before, she did it for Big without a thought. What if Natasha was pregnant and he never told her? What if the kid is the sole beneficiary? It's gonna be something that will remind her how shi**y Big treated her existence in his life all the times."

Whatever it is, fans are adamant that it's not going to look good for Big (

Whatever it is, fans are adamant that it's not going to look good for Big.

"I thought it was interesting that Susan Sharon, or whatever her name is, said 'Am I the only one that remembers what a p***k he was to her?' That wasn't just a throwaway line. That meant something," one wrote.

Hmmm, what do you think?

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