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Netflix announces Love is Blind is coming to the UK

Netflix announces Love is Blind is coming to the UK

They're accepting applications now

Reality TV fans, listen up - Netflix has just announced that one of its most controversial dating shows, Love is Blind, is coming to the UK.

And you might be interested to know that the streamer is looking for applicants right now.

You could argue that we've been spoiled for dating shows in recent years - from Love Island and Married at First Sight to The Romance Retreat and Too Hot to Handle, there's a pick for just about every demographic.

Some of them have raised eyebrows for their unusual format - Dated and Related, we're looking at you.

But today we're focusing on what's been described as 'the messiest reality TV show' of late, and that show is Love is Blind.

From cheating scandals to the orange debacle, Netflix's US show has had chins wagging across the world.

The format alone is chaotic, as it involves people getting engaged before they've even met face-to-face.

And with the success of an explosive third season, it appears the streamer is now ready to bring some of that chaos to the UK.

Netflix is now accepting applications for people interested on being on what will be the first British season.

The listing states: "Welcome! Thank you for your interest in applying for Love is Blind: UK.

"Please fill in this short application form and one of the team will get back to you if they would like to proceed with your application.

"Please note, due to the anticipated high volume of applicants the team cannot get back to every applicant.

"Closing dates for applicants is 1st June 2023. We reserve the right to extend or close the application process at any time in our sole discretion for any reason and without notice."

If you feel like you are up to the challenge, you can apply here - just be sure to do your research and know what you're getting yourself in for.

Although no further details have been revealed just yet, we can expect the British version to follow a similar format to the US one.

The beloved dating show is coming to the UK.

Love is Blind sees a group of men and women who date each other behind glass screens in a bid to fall in love.

The idea is that they get to know each other without judging their potential suitors by their looks. If they find a match, they only get to meet once they've popped the question.

But anyone who's seen the show will know that the drama normally kicks off once they enter the real world and try to figure out if they're ready to get married.

The streamer previously said filming for the UK show will kick off this year, with a release date expected sometime in 2024.

Let the drama commence!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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