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People left shocked after finding out when Love is Blind season 3 was filmed

People left shocked after finding out when Love is Blind season 3 was filmed

Have you ever wondered how far in advance do Netflix film Love is Blind? Well, buckle up because we have the answer.

Have you ever wondered how far in advance Love is Blind is filmed? Well, buckle up because we have the answer.

Our favourite Netflix series is back and with more drama than ever — and while we're still reeling from tear-gate in episode three, we imagine that all those involved are over it because as it turns out, the series was filmed ages ago.

In case you’ve never watched an episode of Netflix’s wildest dating show (where have you been?) the premise for the new batch of episodes largely remains intact.

Brave singletons will get to know each other in 'pods', separated by a wall; they are unable to see each other face-to-face until they decide to get engaged.

After the engagements, the couples are flown out to a fancy hotel in a tropical location for romantic honeymoons with the other couples, before planning their weddings and meeting each other's families.

Once at the altar, the couples will have to reveal whether they have decided to tie the knot.

As shows like Married at First Sight have shown us in the past, mayhem always unfolds, but we still have one burning question, when the f*** was it filmed?

Love is Blind returns next week.

To be fair, we guess it doesn't really matter when the series is filmed because turns out that couples spend a total of 10 days in the pods together, as production company Coelen told E! News.

Yep, 10! Honestly, it's a pretty mad amount of time to spend talking to a wall but people have done weirder things in the pursuit of love.

And it's pretty hard to gauge when exactly the couples met each other because they spend so much time away from the outside world.

But, for anyone wondering when exactly when the couples were sat in the pods, according to Variety it was in summer last year. That's right, a whole year and a bit before it aired on Netflix.

It's been a pretty chaotic season so far.

That's actually a pretty tight turnaround compared to season one, which aired two years after it was filmed in Atlanta in 2018.

And of course people were quick to take to Twitter to share their shock, with one user saying: "realizing Love Is Blind was the show filming at Calamigos summer 2021 is sending me over the edge."

While another thought that the contestants' favourite catch phrase was dating the show: "IF ANOTHER PERSON USES THE PHRASE “for me” IMA STOP WATCHING. WHEN WAS THIS FILMED ????? #LoveIsBlind3 #loveisblind."

To be fair, they do use the phrase too much - for me, personally.

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