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Love Is Blind’s Zanab Jaffrey has her say following the oranges controversy

Gregory Robinson

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Love Is Blind’s Zanab Jaffrey has her say following the oranges controversy

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind contestant Zanab Jaffrey has responded to internet backlash following the season three reunion and the controversial deleted scene involving oranges.


Zanab’s relationship with former fiancé Cole Barnett, was one of the biggest talking points in the current season, due to them constantly butting heads.

During their wedding episode, Zanab decided to say ‘no’ and told Cole at the altar that he had ‘insulted’, ‘disrespected’, and ‘critiqued’ her.

“You have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence,” she declared in front of their friends and family.

In the heated reunion episode, she also accused Cole of controlling what she ate and made offensive comments about her body both on and off camera, which led her to stop eating.

“The daily comments about my face and body were not used,” she said in reference to the season’s final cut.

Cole denied these comments during the reunion.

She then claimed that she went to eat two small oranges and Cole asked her, “Are you going to eat both of those?”

Zanab, who is in the middle of peeling one of the oranges, responded: “Maybe. That’s a serving.”

Zanab and Cole discussed their relationship at the reunion. Credit: Netflix.
Zanab and Cole discussed their relationship at the reunion. Credit: Netflix.

Producers decided to the roll the tape and include the previously unseen clip Zanab mentioned at the end of the reunion.

After fans watched the scene, some viewers claimed that Zanab exaggerated the incident. But the realtor has now posted an open letter to Cole and the internet alongside pictures from their relationship.

"I fought for us until I couldn’t anymore,” she shared. “I know you know that. I know you know why I said what I said. I know you know what you did. It’s ok if you aren’t ready to talk about that yet."

She continued by addressing viewers directly: "An apology for the internet: I am sorry. I’m sorry you weren’t in that relationship. I’m sorry you didn’t feel what I felt. I’m sorry we don’t have the same triggers. I’m sorry me standing up for myself, offended you so greatly. I’m sorry you didn’t see all the reasons for what I said."

She also wrote: "I’m sorry you didn’t live that with me. I’m sorry that you don’t know me. I’m sorry your insecurities are different than my own. I’m sorry your online hate says so much more of you than it ever will of me."

Following comparisons to Deepti Vempati’s wedding from season two, including claims that Zanab copied Deepti’s savage altar moment, she clarified: "I’m sorry Deepti’s wedding was a week before mine, long before you or I knew her story."

She continued: "I’m sorry you don’t believe me. I’m sorry I know how worthy I am. I’m sorry you have the time to be a keyboard warrior. I’m sorry I’m not a paid actress. I’m sorry I can’t cry on demand. I’m sorry you feel manipulated, gaslit and played. I’m sorry I’m your villain. I’m sorry I’m your bad guy — I promise you I’m not."

The 32-year-old concluding her post with: "One thing about me, I choose my words carefully and I stand by everything I said."

Tyla has reached out to Cole's reps for comment.

Love Is Blind is available to watch on Netflix.

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Gregory Robinson
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