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Mean Girls fans unearth deleted scene that would have changed the entire movie

Mean Girls fans unearth deleted scene that would have changed the entire movie

Fans think the scene could have changed the entire film.

Despite Mean Girls being one of the greatest movies of all time, fans have uncovered a deleted scene that they think would have changed the entire movie.

TikToker @randomclipsdailyy shared the deleted scene on its page - and movie fans are loving it.

You can watch the scene below:

Fans of the movie - which was released a whopping 18 years ago - will know that at the end of the film, Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) is hit by a bus following a row with Cady (played by Lindsay Lohan).

While the tension between the two seems to have eased by the end of the movie, the deleted scene shows the pair having a conversation in the bathroom shortly before Queen of the Spring Fling dance is announced.

In the clip, Regina appears to forgive Cady and tells her that Aaron liked her all along. In fact, the two seem to make amends.

"Listen, I'm sorry about the bus, I feel like it's all my fault," says Cady.

Regina responds: "Stop trying to make this about you I'm the one that got hit by the bus."

The deleted scene was shared on TikTok.
TikTok/@randomclipsdailyy/Paramount Pictures

"Well I'm sorry about all the other stuff too," adds Cady.

Regina replies: "OK, I'm going to forgive you, because I'm a very zen person and I'm also on a lot of pain medication right now.

"You know Aaron really does like you, he's always talking about how unusual you are. It really pi**ed me off.

"When I was seven, I had this really expensive doll house from Germany, but I never played with it so my mum wanted to give it to my cousin.

"But even though I didn't want it... I threw it down the stairs. I smashed it because I didn't want anyone else to have it... but that's just me."

Cady apologises to Regina.
TikTok/@randomclipsdailyy/Paramount Pictures

Fans were quick to comment on the deleted scene, with many believing it should have been kept in while others disagreed.

One person wrote: "The movie would have been so much better with the last one because it would be amazing for her to be nice at the end."


And a third added: "It feels like that little scene really changed their relationship."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Regina and Cady forgiving each other and becoming friends would have been so cute."

And a fifth added: "No - I think they did right by the movie leaving this scene out."

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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