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Mean Girls Deleted Scene Will Change The Way You Look At Cady

Mean Girls Deleted Scene Will Change The Way You Look At Cady

Shocked is an understatement.

We've all watched Mean Girls countless times, and now we're turning our attention to the deleted scenes.

One particular moment that was left out of the 2004 film could completely change your mind about Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan.

Watch the scene below:

It appears the scene was meant to be included as part of Cady, Damian (Daniel Franzese) and Janis' (Lizzy Caplan) plot to take down the Plastics.

Damian can be spotted fiddling with the screws underneath a table in the cafeteria.

During the lunch break, Cady waits patiently for Regina (Rachel McAdams) to join her at the table.

Seconds before she sits down, her boyfriend Aaron (Jonathan Bennett) plants a kiss on her lips and Karen (Amanda Seyfried) takes the seat instead.

What happens next is truly shocking.

Cady tries to take down Regina (pictured).
Paramount Pictures

Fans were beyond pleased to get the chance to watch the cut lunchtime scene along with a host of other deleted moments.

“You know a movie is good when even the deleted scenes are iconic,” one fan commented.

Another Mean Girls fan shared: “It's so weird that these scenes would have made such a huge difference to the movie lol”.

A third person wrote: “These scenes are all rlly [sic] funny to see but it makes sense why they all got cut out. I think the producers did a really good job keeping the mood/themes/storyline of the movie consistent.”

Cady infiltrates The Plastics.
Paramount Pictures

There was even more praise for the deleted scenes, with one fan commenting: "Even the deleted scenes are great lol. What a movie".

Other viewers praised the filmmakers, director Mark Waters and screenwriter Tina Fey for removing the scenes, otherwise our perception of the three non-plastics would be altered.

Someone else shared: "These scenes completely change the audience's image of kady, damien and janis. They wouldn't be as likeable if these scenes made it..."

We couldn't agree more.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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