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Deleted Mean Girls Scene Sees Cady And Regina Face Off At The Prom

Deleted Mean Girls Scene Sees Cady And Regina Face Off At The Prom

'Even the deleted scenes are iconic'.

Mean Girls has one of the most shocking albeit satisfying endings ever, but what if Cady and Regina had one final face-off?

If you have ever wondered this exact question, watch the video below.

The deleted scene takes place after Regina (played by Rachel McAdams) fractures her spine after getting hit by a school bus.

The horrific accident occurs following a heated confrontation with Cady (played by Lindsay Lohan) after the queen of the Plastics discovers Cady's betrayal.

False rumours circulate claiming Cady pushed Regina as one final and extremely brutal act of revenge.

This moment, which takes place during the Spring Fling event in which Cady is voted queen, shows that a lengthier final conversation between the frenemies was planned.

Cady runs into Regina in the bathroom for the first time since the accident and things are frosty between the two teens.

Regina confronts Cady one last time. (
Paramount Pictures)

We also get another hilarious moment with Regina’s mom (played spectacularly by Amy Poehler) and let's be honest, who wouldn’t want more content from the most iconic ‘cool mom’ ever?!

Although fans agree that Mean Girls is perfect as it is, some viewers argued the film would have benefited from having the deleted scene included.

“The bathroom scene was actually a good scene between Cady and Regina and explains a lot and gives closure,” one fan commented.

Cady at the Spring Fling. (
Paramount Pictures)

Another social media user commented: “The last scene should have been kept in as it would explain Regina’s character arc and how she changes by the end of the film.”

“I love the last scene,” added another commenter. “It explains a lot about regina not being so selfish anymore”.

While someone else wrote: “The last scene was sweet. I wish it was included.”

Similarly, one other person wrote: "The last scene of cady and Regina in the bathroom should have stayed in."

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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