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Love Island To Show The Most Explosive Recoupling Ever Tonight

Love Island To Show The Most Explosive Recoupling Ever Tonight

This is definitely one to watch.

Love Island is set to show the most explosive recoupling ever on the show tonight.

The ITV2 dating series is officially closing the doors to Casa Amor for 2022, with the highly-anticipated recoupling soon following for the show.

Last night’s episode saw the new girls standing in front of the fire pit, while the main villa boys were seated and ready to make a decision on who to couple up with.

Laura Whitmore then revealed to the boys that it was decision-time. Check out the clip below:

The presenter exclaimed: “As you all know, tonight there will be a recoupling. Boys - each of you has a big decision to make. So. I’m going to ask you one by one if you want to stick with your partner who has been away in Casa Amor for the past few days, or whether you want to recouple with one of these gorgeous girls standing in front of you."

She continued: “Now remember, the girls in Casa Amor have also been given the choice of whether to stick with you or couple up with someone new. So, boys, it’s time to make your decisions and let’s find out what the girls have decided to do…”

Laura is set to start with Jay, asking him to stand up and decide whether he would like to stay in his current couple with Danica, or whether he’s considering re-coupling with one of the new girls.

One at a time, each boy will reveal which girl they plan to pair up with on the other side of Casa Amor. So, what couples will come of it? And who will be left single?

Love Island is set to show the most explosive recoupling ever tonight.

Jacques decided to focus his attention on Casa Amor girl Cheyanne Kerr and the pair took a dip in the pool, despite the rugby player still being coupled up with Paige Thorne, who is still in Casa Amor.

The situation became flirty quite quickly as he sat with his legs open, with Cheyanne snuggled up in front of him.

Something beneath the water caught the 23-year-old cabin crew worker's attention.

“Are you hard?” she whispered, while looking down at Jacques’ shorts.

The boys have to make a difficult decision tonight.

Jacques seemingly confirmed Cheyanne's suspicions as he replied: "If you get out it will probably go down."

Fans were not prepared for when the pair left the pool and the camera focused on Jacques’ crotch as he awkwardly adjusted his shorts.

You can read more on that and watch the clip here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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