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Love Island Fans Baffled After Noticing Missing Segment

Love Island Fans Baffled After Noticing Missing Segment

Earlier seasons left viewers on a cliffhanger with a 'Tomorrow Night' segment, but it's mysteriously disappeared...

Love Island is back, and the drama on the hit dating show is starting to heat up with the arrival of two new bombshell girls. 

However, as any fan of the show will know, earlier seasons were notorious for leaving viewers on a cliffhanger.

This was followed by a ‘Tomorrow Night…’ segment at the end of the show where the producers would hint about what’s to come. 

But we are now four episodes into the new season and the teaser segment has yet to make an appearance, causing some to wonder if it’s been axed.

One Twitter user wrote alongside a screenshot of it: “LOVE ISLAND WTF HAPPENED TO THIS ??”

One viewer wrote: “Probably because this season is so DEAD there’s nothing to look forward to on the next episode [sic].”

A second speculated: “They just decided to put only cliffhangers to make suspense.”

Another added: “I know uggh the suspense just kills me as it's a recoupling tomorrow I assume as its usually end of 1st week. However they could do it Sunday [sic].”

One fan wrote: “Im glad it’s gone tbh, literally always just showed all the best bits from the next episode [sic].”

Meanwhile, one Twitter user speculated that the teaser will return when the drama gets more intense. 

They wrote: “They are waiting for the season to get saucy.”

A second agreed, writing: “Maybe coz it’s still early days and they don’t have enough footage for the next day yet coz not much has happened yet [sic].”

Luca and Amber talking.
ITV / Love Island

Then there was this Twitter user who pointed out that many people complained about the segment last year, which could explain its absence too.

They wrote: “Loooool love island fans are tapped. We was just complaining about this last season. Now it’s gone we want it back [sic].”

One thing is for sure – after actress Ekin-Su's decided to make moves on Davide, who is currently coupled up with Gemma, fans have a lot to talk about.

She told the other girls that she wasn't here to make 'seasonal friends' but to meet the 'love of my life'.

Her actions prompted Gemma to get to know Luca better when Davide appeared to show an interest in Ekin-Su as well.

Fans are now convinced after a balcony conversation that Luca knows that her dad is Michael Owen. Watch here:

What do you think of the absence of the 'Tomorrow Night' segment? Is it just a matter of time before it returns?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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