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Love Island Fans Are Kicking Off Over Luca's 'Lack Of Manners'

Love Island Fans Are Kicking Off Over Luca's 'Lack Of Manners'

Fans were not happy about how he approached Gemma for a chat in last night's turbulent episode

Love Island fans have been left reeling over Luca's behaviour in last night's episode - in particular, the 23-year-old's 'lack of manners'.

Last night saw the fishmonger get extremely upset over his partner Gemma flirting with the other boys in the Mile High Club challenge, despite the fact that it was a challenge. Watch below:

The pair didn't speak for a brief time before they had a chat to clear the air, however, it was less than successful and ended with Luca asking Gemma if she even wanted to be with him.

While she said yes, it's clear that the otherwise seemingly strong couple had hit a major roadblock.

Now, fans have taken to social media to slam Luca, and have taken particular umbrage with how he asked her for a chat.

One wrote: "Nah the way Luca walked over and was like 'Come on' not 'Gemma will you please come for a chat with me?' Like … where's the respect? The manners?"

A second shared a picture of the pair going for the chat, pointing out that Luca was walking miles ahead of Gemma instead of being by her side.

"Luca has no manners," declared a third viewer. "He treated Danica horribly, thinks he's always right and cries about everything. I don’t see any positive traits."

A fourth agreed, writing: "Luca has no manners, first he told Gemma to F off now he just rocks up and says “come on”?????????? [sic]"

"Cmon… Is she a dog??" questioned a fifth before adding: "Luca honestly has the worse manners I've ever seen."


The backlash to last night's episode comes amid a turbulent time for the islander, who also came to blows with his fellow islanders when he randomly took a dig at Mark Wright's looks.

This resulted in Paige storming off when he told her she was punching with her on-screen partner Adam after she attempted to defend the TOWIE star.

One thing is for sure, with less than a week to go until the finale, Luca and Gemma will need to seriously turn things around if they want a chance of winning.

But perhaps they could prove they really were in it for love and have one of the latest breakups that the show has ever seen.

What did you think of Luca's behaviour in last night's episode?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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