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Love Island Fans Are Disgusted After Andrew Said He'd Pick Tasha's Bogies

Love Island Fans Are Disgusted After Andrew Said He'd Pick Tasha's Bogies

Tasha called Andrew the 'best boyfriend ever' on tonight's episode of Love Island.

Tonight's episode of Love Island has seen a very contented Tasha and Andrew discuss moving in together in London, but the sweet scenes were interrupted by a revelation...

Tasha praised Andrew and called him 'the best boyfriend' ever, before it was revealed that he picks her 'bogies' for her. Watch the pair's romance blossom below:

Viewers of the show were disgusted by the revelation from the couple, who admitted they'd be happy to leave the show at this point as they've found what they were looking for.

One disgusted viewer couldn't believe what they'd seen and questioned: "Did Tasha just say Andrew picks her bogies for her?"

"Andrew picking Tasha's bogies. This man needs to grow a spine," wrote a second.

"Did I just hear that right? Andrew picks Tasha's bogies? Um ewww!" added a third.

While a fourth declared: "Andrew picking Tasha's bogies. Dami eating bogies. These lot are built different."

Meanwhile, this viewer simply had hygiene in mind when reacting to the revelation.

They wrote: "I hope Andrew washes his hands thoroughly after picking Tasha's bogies."

Elsewhere, the pair speculated about their future London home, saying: "I think we make new memories, wherever we go it will be our little place."

Let's just hope that it comes with plenty of tissues to at the very least give Andrew a helping hand!

However, while things might be going swimmingly for Tasha and Andrew, Dami was left baffled that he was in the bottom two boys.

Dami had no idea why he's not popular with viewers.

His low ranking among viewers after he and Andrew were slammed online for their treatment of Tasha, which followed Luca telling her that he believed she was using Andrew to advance in the show.

Luca, meanwhile, speculated about his future with Gemma and asked if he'd be on her phone's lock screen on the outside world.

He was delighted when she said yes!

But while the established couples seem to be getting closer with every episode, four new bombshells are set to arrive in tonight's episode, so it's anyone's guess what will happen next.

Danica, in particular, is excited at the arrivals after she established that she and Deji would not pursue each other romantically and said goodbye to the boy she did like, Billy, after he was dumped from the island.

But Billy's dumping will be to the delight of his family, who earlier today said that they wanted him off the 'toxic' show.

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