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Mark Wright Responds To Luca's 'Savage Dig' About His Looks

Mark Wright Responds To Luca's 'Savage Dig' About His Looks

Luca randomly brought up the 35-year-old and asked if he was 'punching' with his wife

Mark Wright has responded to Love Island contestant Luca Bish after he made a savage comment about the 35-year-old's looks on the show.

The fishmonger, 23, brought up the former TOWIE star while chatting to his fellow islanders, asking them if they thought he was 'punching' with his wife, actor Michelle Keegan.

This resulted in a lot of people discussing Mark on social media, and it wasn't long before Mark himself asked what was actually going on.

Sharing a bleary-eyed selfie to Twitter, he wrote: "8:30am in Sydney…. minding my own business (literally sleeping) Waking up like…. What did I do? #luca"

It all went down when Luca asked returning islander Adam Collard: "Oi Adam, would you say Mark Wright's really good-looking?"

Despite Adam saying that he thought Mark was 'pretty good-looking', his opinion seemed to have no effect on Luca who proceeded to declare that he was 'not all that'.

Luca said that, in his opinion, Mark was 'punching big time' with his wife.

However, this didn't go down well with Paige, who said that Luca could also be accused of punching with his partner, Gemma Owen.

Luca then hit back at Paige and said that she was punching with her current Love Island beau Adam - a comment that saw her storm off in anger.

Luca hasn't won many fans in recent days.

Luca's comments about Mark's appearance didn't go down well with Love Island viewers either, and many took to social media to comment on the apparent 'dig'.

"Luca what did Mark Wright ever do to you please?" questioned one viewer.

"Why is Luca slating Mark Wright?" asked a second viewer, while a third simply noted: "Luca's random dig at Mark Wright."

Another fan, meanwhile, decided to share a picture of Luca with long hair and compare it to a photograph of Mark, accompanying the comparison with many laughing emojis.

A fifth added: "Not Luca trying to say Mark Wright isn't hot, is he threatened by him too."

"Strangest thing from that episode is Luca trying to convince himself that Mark Wright isn't good looking," wrote a sith.

"Not the first time Luca has mentioned Michelle Keegan either. Clearly someone is a little obsessed with her & jelly of her husband."

A seventh agreed with Paige's assessment of the situation, writing: "Luca saying Mark Wright is punching like he isn't, the delusion."

What did you think of Luca's comments?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Mark Wright/ITV

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