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Dramatic First Looks Sees Adam 'Collarding' On Date With Nathalia

Dramatic First Looks Sees Adam 'Collarding' On Date With Nathalia

The new girls were asked to take an islander of their choice on a date and Nathalia decided to pick Adam

Last night's episode of Love Island saw the arrival of four new bombshells to shake up the villa as this year's series comes to a close.

And while returning islander Adam Collard has been well behaved and stuck to the one girl until now, it looks like he is about to return to his old tricks! Watch below:

It all went down when the new girls were asked to take an islander of their choice on a date, and Nathalia decided to pick Adam.

This did not go down well with Paige, who coupled up with the personal trainer after Jacques left, and she said: "Really? Can I not have this one for myself? Can you not back off please?"

On the date, Nathalia asked Adam if he was glad that she picked him for the date, and he replied: "Of course."

"Me and Paige are going really well, like, but I'm a realistic person," he explained. "It's only a week. Just need to see what happens."

These comments come after he previously said it was unlikely that his head would be turned from Paige.

Adam kissed Paige.

However, while Paige was not happy about Adam's behaviour, some social media stuck up for the famous womanizer and pointed out that he has only known Paige a week.

One wrote: "Paige needs to chill fr Adam is right it's only been a week [sic]."

"Paige if you wanted to have one for yourself maybe Adam Collard wasn’t the best choice honey buns," said a second viewer, clearly familiar with Adam's reputation.

Meanwhile, a third simply celebrated, writing: "Adam collard finally adam collarding [sic]."

"Season 4 Adam is slowly being released - and I am here for it," wrote a fourth before advising: "Paige just crumble."

"Paige seems to have forgotten who tf Adam collard was [sic]," added a fifth alongside a screenshot of Adam back in 2018.

Elsewhere in the episode, Adam told Nathalia - who does bear a slight resemblance to his Love Island ex beau Zara McDermott - that she had good eye contact.

Clearly flattered by Adam's compliment, Nathalia asked 'Do I?' before Adam said that people normally tell him that he has good eye contact.

However, Nathalia doesn't just have her eyes on Adam, if last night's episode was anything to go by, she is also interested in Davide.

She even offered to copy Ekin-Su's signature crawling move when he took her and Lacey on a tour of the terrace.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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