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American Idol fans slam 'cruel' Katy Perry for 'tricking' contestants

American Idol fans slam 'cruel' Katy Perry for 'tricking' contestants

Talk about being Hot N Cold...

Katy Perry has divided viewers who watched the latest episode of American Idol, which saw the judges pick the top 24 contestants.

The 'Roar' singer was tasked with letting people know who was being eliminated and who was moved on to the next round of the show, but she did *not* make it easy for them. Take a look:

Perry has already sparked a bit of controversy during this season of American Idol, particularly after 'mom shaming' one contestant who was told she had been 'laying on the table too much' when she said she had three kids.

Some fans aren't too impressed with the star, but others are absolutely living for it.

Katy had a little too much fun trolling the contestants.

In the latest episode of the singing competition, Perry tried to bring as much drama as possible by tricking multiple contestants with the old bait-and-switch trick; hinting that contestants had been eliminated only to reveal that they'd be moving on to the top 24 just before their spirits were crushed entirely.

For example, in one instance she told singer Nutsa Buzaladze: "We have really appreciated you being in this competition. And we did not put you in the top 24...

"You put yourself in the top 24. We didn't put you in there, you did. As confusing as it seems, you're going to the top 24."

Nutsa went from tears to confusion to joy in a matter of seconds.

It was a sweet moment, and it made for great television, but then it just. kept. going.

"You may not go home to flip burgers, but you will be going home," Perry told Zachariah Smith, pausing for dramatic effect.

Eventually, she added: "To pack your bag to come back for the top 24!"

Then, when Tyson Venegas came to hear from the judges, he was told by Perry: "We don't think you're destined for the top 24... We actually think it's more like top 10.

"But you're still gonna go to the top 24 first."

See what I mean? Eventually the bit got old.

For a lot of viewers at home, it gave them war flashbacks to Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model, who used to pull this trick all the time.

Remind you of anyone?

"This is some Tyra Banks level type of evil," commented one TikTok user when the video of Perry went viral.

"This is some Tyra ANTM traumatising ish," wrote another.

People on Twitter weren't that into it either.

"Is it just me or does it bug anyone else that Katy Perry keeps trolling people about whether they made it to the top 24 or not," asked one frustrated viewer.

"I feel it’s cruel to make them think they aren’t going through... and then say, Yeah, you made it!”

A second agreed: "Turned on American Idol for s**ts and giggles tonight. Why does Katy Perry commit psychological warfare every time she delivers the ‘you made it through’ news."

Other viewers were super into the whole thing.

"She's CARRYING that show omg she knows what she's doing," raved one viewer.

Another agreed: "Katy is the only one that put extra work to make the show even more interesting."

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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