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Tyra Banks Accused Of 'Hosting Her Own Squid Game' After ANTM Clip Resurfaces

Tyra Banks Accused Of 'Hosting Her Own Squid Game' After ANTM Clip Resurfaces

The popular reality series is highly problematic under a new lens of thinking.

We used to be obsessed with America’s Next Top Model when it first aired, but now we’ve got older, we can see how problematic it often was.

A new clip has resurfaced of the reality series, which has raised eyebrows on social media at just how one girl’s elimination was handled.

You can watch the clip below.


The clip, from 2008’s Cycle 11, saw host Tyra Banks decide which of the two girls were to be eliminated from the competition.

Speaking to Joslyn Pennywell, who had been violently sick while at the CoverGirl commercial task, Tyra said: “You have such a beautiful strength, and for someone to get up and be so sick, and still to perform? That’s a survivor.”

As she revealed the photo, Tyra said: “And Joslyn, you’ll be able to survive this.”

Joslyn is told she'll "survive" (
The CW)

As Joslyn broke down in tears thinking she’d been saved, Tyra revealed that it was actually Elina Ivanova who was going through to the next round.

The short clip had been posted on Twitter, captioned: “ANTM is a psychological thriller” – and viewers were horrified at how the elimination had been handled.

“At this point we need Surviving ANTM because this is psychotic,” one person wrote.

A second added: “My mouth literally dropped omg... a menace,” and a third said: “This and many more instances like this was why I stopped watching the show! It was cruel!”

Others went on to compare America’s Next Top Model to Netflix horror series, Squid Game.

People have been left horrified at the new clips (

“No bc Tyra Banks was hosting Squid Game before it was a thing with ANTM,” said one person.

“Tyra Banks should host Squid Game,” said a second, and a third agreed: “Tyra Banks in Squid Game Extended Universe.”

Banks has since admitted that America’s Next Top Model was hugely flawed when it was on screen.

Speaking on The Tamron Hall Show, she said there were “a whole bunch of things that the show did mess up.”

Fans drew comparisons to Netflix's Squid Game (

“I was trying to push boundaries but was also torn to try to make sure that these girls could work, so it was a balance,” Banks said. “It was like, ‘Oh, break beauty barriers,’ but yeah, I can break them all I want on the show, but they’ll graduate from the show, and they won’t work.”

Featured Image Credit: The CW

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