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Fans Shocked By Unearthed Clip That Shows How 'Toxic' America's Next Top Model Was

Fans Shocked By Unearthed Clip That Shows How 'Toxic' America's Next Top Model Was

'This is why we grew up self conscious.'

America's Next Top Model was one of those shows we all binge-watched in our teens.

But, like X Factor, looking back there are some scenes that are now more than a little problematic when revisiting them through a 2021 worldview.

Take this moment in ANTM season one, for instance...

Yep, perhaps unsurprisingly on a show looking for the world's next supermodel back in the 90s - you know, the era where skinny jeans and size 0 were still in Vogue - fans have noted there was more than a little body-shaming going on.

Case in point: the treatment of poor Robin Manning, who was torn to shreds by judges for having what they described as a 'plus sized' body.

And let's just say, at size 10, nowadays she'd be classed as far from plus sized, anyway...

"I feel really bad for Robin because she is bigger down the hips and thighs than the rest of us," one of her competitors can be heard saying in a confessional clip, which has since gone viral online.

Robin was branded plus size on the show (

Reviewing her pictures, we then hear judge and international supermodel Janice Dickinson, asking rather judgementally: "Are we shooting for the large size category?"

"Yes, Robin would represent a plus size model. One problem that I do have is that on the top she's not plus sized, and on the bottom she is," head judge and face of the show, Tyra Banks remarks back to her.

Later, in deliberations, judge Beau Quillian is quick to state "Robin's out," indicating he doesn't think she should be allowed to compete, given her figure.

The judges had some savage critiques for Robin (

"Robin's out, as far as I'm concerned, about being a supermodel," Janice concurs, despite protesting from the other judges.

"The next America's Next Top Model is not a plus sized model, I'm sorry!," she fights back, in the old footage.

Reacting to the clip, which was shared on TikTok, one person wrote: "I watched a lot of this stuff in my teens. It's horrifying to think that it felt completely normal, and that I wanted to be like them."

While another wrote: "This show was so toxic and I didn't know that until about five years ago".

A third angrily added: "ANTM did soooo much damage that they are DIRECTLY responsible for and no one can change my mind."

Robin's physique didn't please Janice Dickinson and concerned Tyra (

"Plus size where? This is sad and why we all grew up self conscious," chipped in someone else.

Despite the harsh and evidently unfair criticism on the show, Robin went on to place a very respectable fourth on the season, being eliminated seventh out of her cohort.

She went on to star in several magazine shoots, including a shoot for O, the Oprah magazine, TV Guide and Grace magazine.

She also pursued acting, starring in a drama short called Without You in 2005, and Holla in 2006.

Featured Image Credit: UPN

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