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Katy Perry's criticism of American Idol contestant seriously divides opinion

Katy Perry's criticism of American Idol contestant seriously divides opinion

I would have just cried

When you go on to a reality show like American Idol, you've got to be prepared to be critiqued pretty ruthlessly.

But Katy Perry really divided opinion with how dealt with one contestant during a recent audition:

The 'California Girl' singer was sitting on the panel alongside fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, when a woman took to the stage to perform a rendition of The Zutons' tune 'Valerie'.

Fans of the song will know that despite being written by the Scouse band, it really made its mark when Amy Winehouse recorded it with producer Mark Ronson in 2007.

If you've listened to the late singer's take on the song, it is quite different to the original, and has been butchered in many a karaoke bar up and down the country ever since.

So when one contestant did exactly that during her appearance on the hit US show, Perry was quick to correct her.

In a clip posted to TikTok, the singer can be heard seemingly trying to mimic Winehouse's mannerisms, with that elongated drawl over certain words.

The singer's performance was interesting.

So rather than 'dress', it's 'dray-ees', and instead of 'water', it's 'war-durr-ooo'.

Usually with these kinds of things, the judge will wait until the end and simply say yes or no to putting them through, explaining where they went wrong.

But Perry actually gave her a kind of live critique, butting in every now and again to tell the singer to 'slow down', 'say all the words', and to 'enunciate' properly.

The resurfaced clip has since caused quite the stir online, particularly after Perry was accused of 'bullying' and 'mum-shaming' another contestant on the most recent series of American Idol.

Some thought Perry was just trying to offer guidance to the singer, in whom she obviously saw some potential.

“This is when they think you have potential and want to help you," wrote one user. "Take it as a compliment.”

Katy Perry's critique divided fans.

Another remarked: “I think ‘cause she could tell she actually had a good voice but was ruining it.”

“I mean, they added like four extra syllables per word," put a third. "Katy had a point.”

While someone else said: "I think Katy saw potential but wouldn't give her a yes unless she actually showed it."

Not everyone agreed, though.

Others felt that Perry could have handled the audition a bit better.

"Damn, she didn’t let her finish?" asked one. "I would have just walked away, like, that’s so unnecessary.”

While another commented: "You can critique someone and have them sing it again without disrespecting all the work they did to prepare something by interrupting EACH LINE."

Though the contestant managed to get through the round, she was eventually booted out of the competition at Hollywood Week. So it just wasn't meant to be.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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