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'Humiliated' women claim they were 'forced to change clothes with no cover' to board flight

'Humiliated' women claim they were 'forced to change clothes with no cover' to board flight

The women were left 'humiliated' after being forced to change their outfits in front of other passengers

Two women claim they were left feeling 'humiliated' after they were forced to change their clothes before boarding a flight.

Now, we all know there are certain unwritten rules when it comes to the etiquette of flying - ranging from never removing your socks and shoes to not reclining your seat too far back.

It always just goes without saying, right?

Well, it turns out with certain airlines there are a few more hidden rules as these two women found out recently.

Chrissie Mayr and Keanu Thompson, who are both comedians from the US, were set to board an American Airlines flight earlier this week from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas when, much to their surprise, were asked by a male member of staff to 'change out of their pants'.

American Airlines' conditions of carriage state that passengers must 'dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed'.

Taking to Twitter to explain the situation further, Chrissie wrote: "Omfg an @AmericanAir employee forced me and @keanuCthompson to change our pants before getting on the flight which actually turned out to be MORE REVEALING."

She also included two snaps, one showing the women's original outfits, which consisted of cropped tops and maxi skirts, and the other showing the outfit they were 'forced' to change into, which were shorts instead of the skirts.

What Chrissie and Keanu were wearing before they boarded the flight.

"THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT A REWARDS MEMBER," Chrissie then added, before alleging in a follow-up tweet: "LITERALLY HAD TO CHANGE AT THE GATE WITH NO COVER."

Keanu also tweeted: "He had Chrissie in underwear and me butt f**king naked from my waist down at the gate…. How is this okay?"

Chrissie explained further that 'it was a man', adding: "I wish he had told us we could go into the bathroom or at least behind the desk to change. Or hold up a towel or something…!"

After gaining a lot of traction online, American Airlines' Twitter account soon responded, tweeting Chrissie: "Your comments concern us. Please join us in DMs, we're here and ready to listen."

Well, Chrissie wasn't having any of it and fired back: "This was really humiliating and I’m very loyal to you guys I have the credit card and everything."

And this is what they were forced to change into - with allegedly no privacy.

People were quick to criticise the airline for making the women change, especially in such a public setting, with one person writing: "This is not OK, @AmericanAir. Nobody should be forced to fly transcontinental bare-legged, especially when they were reasonably dressed already.

"And forcing them to change - in public view - at the gate is completely unacceptable."

And another added: "Seems to me from the picture on the left their attire was perfectly fine. Why make them strip down prior to boarding to change clothes & be severely embarrassed???"

TYLA has contacted American Airlines for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ChrissieMayr

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