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Couple claim they were hit with eye-watering €800 bill at notorious Greek restaurant

Couple claim they were hit with eye-watering €800 bill at notorious Greek restaurant

The couple ordered a bite to eat and a few drinks but were left reeling when they got the bill

A couple say they were whacked with a whopping €800 bill after ordering just two drinks, four crab legs and a salad at a restaurant in Greece.

Jessica Yarnall, 31, and Adam Hagaun, 30, visited the DK Oyster bar while on holiday in Mykonos and said they believed the restaurants' cocktails were priced at €25 each. You can see the couple talk about their experience here:

However, they were left shocked after being presented with the bill after ordering a couple of mojitos, four crab legs and a Greek salad.

Although not happy about the price, the couple said the staff insisted they pay so they were left with no choice but to pay the hefty bill.

Jessica, a hair stylist, said: "There were waiters outside trying to get people in. They asked if we wanted to eat and we said we'd get one drink.

"I'd asked for a menu with prices to make sure it was in our price range. The menu made it seem like a really affordable place to eat.

"We sat down and talked about whether to eat or not. They were very pushy. We thought maybe that's how it is and we didn't want to be rude.

Jessica Yarnall and Adam Hagaun were on holiday in Greece.
Kennedy News and Media

"We asked what was good and they said crab legs and a Greek salad so we said 'ok let us think about it' then they brought out bread rolls.

"We told them we didn't order anything yet and they said we had. There was a little bit of a language barrier so we think when we said we'd think about it he thought we meant yes so when we were trying to work out how much it was going to cost they started bringing out the food and they said we definitely ordered this.

"I thought worst case scenario it would be $300. We were expecting it to be a little more expensive but not as much as it was with the quality of the food.

"Adam got the bill and said 'it's bad'. It was over €800 and I thought 'absolutely not' so I went to the manager and said I was really confused and wanted to see an itemised bill."

They ordered four crab legs, a salad and two mojitos.
Kennedy News and Media

Jessica, from Montana in the US, says she ended up checking the restaurant’s menu online and claimed it listed a mojito for €25.

Jessica said: "It looked like €38 for a crab leg, it was €38 for a gram of crab leg and there's a minimum you have to order.

"He came to the bar and slammed down a shot glass and said 'that's a €25 mojito, you ordered a €100 mojito' and I told him I did not and that I wasn't given choices.

"They charged €100 for the grossest mojito, the mint wasn't nice. It was disgusting.

"He said we were paying the bill. He didn't want to have a conversation. They said we had to pay the bill.

"We were so taken aback that we thought we'd pay the damn bill and get out of there. We were super upset."

Jessica ended up checking the restaurant’s menu online and claimed it listed a mojito for €25.
Kennedy News and Media

The DK Oyster bar has hit headlines in the past, as other customers claimed they had a similar experience to Jessica and Adam.

And its TripAdvisor page has numerous one-star reviews, with one person claiming they were charged ‘$58 for a mojito’ and another saying it ‘ridiculously overprices food and drink’.

DK Oyster bar owner Dimitrios Kalamaras said Jessica's account was inaccurate but refused to state what was inaccurate about it - however, he acknowledged that some of their fees can be 'perceived as high prices'.

Tyla has contacted the restaurant for comment.

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